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Siddhivinayak Vrat

Siddhivinayak Vrat

Sri Ganesh Chaturthi is a religious festival. Siddhi Vinayaka Vrat is performed or observed on the Ganesh Chaturthi festival itself. On this special day, Lord Ganesha is prayed and worshipped according to the ancient Hindu tradition. 21 Malpuas (Indian sweet dish) are offered to Lord Ganpatiji along with 21 Durvas (a type of grass) and 21 modaks (sweets) while reciting 21 names of Lord Ganpati. After that one should offer food and clothes to the Brahmins.  

Siddhivinayak Vrat:

2017: 25 August

2018: 13 September

2019: 02 September


Mushikavaahana modaka hastha,

Chaamara karna vilambitha sutra,

Vaamana rupa maheshwara putra,

Vighna vinaayaka paada namasthe

Ganesh Chaturthi, the birthday of Lord Ganesha (Ganpati) is the important festival celebrated in Maharashtra. Lord Ganesha is also known as Vighneshwer, Siddhivinayak, the God of wisdom and prosperity. Ganesha is the best-known and most worshipped deity in the Hindu pantheon. The festival begins with people bringing in statues of Lord Ganpati, symbolizing Ganesha's visit. Ganesh Chaturthi culminates on the day of Ananta Chaturdashi, when idols (murtis) of Lord Ganpati or Siddhivinayak are immersed in the most convenient body of water.

The principal Vedic scriptures dedicated to Lord Ganesha are the Mudgala Purana, the Ganesha Purana and the Ganapati Atharvashirsa. Brahmanda Purana and Brahma Purana are the two Puranic texts that deal with Lord Ganesha. Siddhivinayak Vrat denotes a religious practice to carry out certain rituals with a view to achieve Ganesha’s blessing for fulfilment of one’s desire. Hindus across India celebrate this auspicious day with great fervour, though it is most popular in Maharashtra, the state of India. 


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