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Sindhu Darshan Festival

 Sindhu Darshan Festival

Sindhu Darshan Festival –The Celebration of Sindhu River
The Sindhu Darshan Festival itself suggests the celebration of the most famous Sindhu River, which is also known as River Indus. The festival is celebrated in the month of 1st to 3rd June, usually depending on the Guru Purnima Full moon day. The event takes place in the district of Ladakh’s Leh in Jammu Kashmir. It was first observed in the year 1997 and since then it is celebrated with grand every year. The Sindhu Darshan festival is one of the important events in Leh Ladakh that invites people from all over the world. Reputed for its splendour and vibrancy, this festival is the pride of Jammu and Kashmir. It is believed that India got her name from the River Sindhu and thus the Indian civilization took place. The festival was started to promote National Unity in India.

Highlight of the Festival of Sindhu Darshan
The festival is aim to show the people communal harmony and peace in India. A person from different part of the life takes part in this festival. The festival aims as a symbol of multi-dimensional identity and peaceful existence in India. It also promotes and honours the brave soldiers who fought for India in the Kargil war, Siachin and other important wars in India. The festival displays kaleidoscope of Indian culture by inviting people from all walks of life.
The best thing about the festival is that people from all over India bring different river waters in a earthen pots and then immerse in the River Sindhu. This is done to show that mingling of water is just like Indian people who can well go with the people from all walks of life. The festival is organised annually at Leh. The Prime minister has laid this foundation and has inaugurated the new office at the complex of Ladakh Autonomous Hill development Council.

Celebration of Sindhu Darshan
When it comes to celebrate the Sindhu Darshan festival, various groups from different state bring water from their might rivers and then immerse in the River Indus. Apart from this, they also perform their regional dance and music to embrace the festival. The three day program is worth to attend once in a life. It will show you how India is still bounded with so many different religions of India including international people as well. The festival promises to display the true cultures of India with exciting and array of performances by the people.


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