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Sita Navmi

sitanavamiSita Navmi
Goddess Sita, the divine incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and the dear wife of Lord Ram was depicted as a perfect lady in the Ramayana and Sita Navami the birthday of Mother Sita falls on Vaishakha Shukla Navami. This day is celebrated by the devotees of Goddess Sita all across the country.

Life of Mother Sita
Goddess Sita was married to Lord Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The other name of Mata Sita is Janaki as she was the daughter of king Janaka and that is the reason that the Sita Navami is also known by the name Janaka navami. It is believed that the king found a baby girl in the basket while he was ploughing the land and since then, the king Janak named her Sita, as it indicates a ploughed land. While Goddess Sita was living in Forests during the exile of 14 years, she was abducted by Ravana. But after a battle and the simultaneous killing of Ravana, the Goddess Sita was rescued and she gave the proof to her purity by walking into the fire. Later on she gave birth to Love and Kush and after that she returned to the Mother earth.

Celebrations of the Sita Navmi
The Sita Navami is celebrated by a million worshipers of this Goddess. Temples are decorated all over the country and people visit these temples to worship the Goddess of purity. On this divine occasion of Sita Navmi, the married Hindu Women cast fast for their husbands and wish for their long lives. Lord Ram is also prayed along with Goddess Sita for the welfare and peace of the family. The Ramayana is recited by the devotees on this occasion.  People sing Bhakti songs and bhajans related to Lord Rama and Mother Sita on this day.

Significance of Mother Sita on the lives of people
Mother Sita is an inspiration for all women and an ideal example of an obeying daughter, dedicated wife and a loving mother. There are thousands of books and stories that are written on the history of her life and these books explain her devotion for her husband and kingdom very well. For so many centuries, the mother Sita is being worshipped as a role model of purity and affection and women across the whole world gain motivation from her and that is the reason that whenever someone talks of a perfect lady, Goddess Sita is always remembered.


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