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Sri Guru Ram Das Jayanti

Sri Guru Ram Das Jayanti

Sri Guru Ram Das Jayanti
Sri Guru Ram Das Jayanti is a very important festival of Sikhs and it is celebrated by the Sikhs all over the world with great enthusiasm and great zest. This Jayanti is celebrated in the honour of 4th Guru of Sikhs, Sri Guru Ram Das ji.

Life and works of Guru Ji
Sri Guru Ram Das ji is known as the fourth Guru of Sikhs and he is the Guru who build Amritsar, a city in Punjab and now the capital of Punjab. He was born in a Sodhi Khatri family in Lahore. His parents’ names were Sri Har Das and Srimati Daya Vati. He was born on 24th September in the year 1534 in the month of Kathik in Bikrami Samvat. Guru Ram Das ji was not only a master of constructive mind, but he was a great poet too. He composed 688 hymns in different musical courses and these hymns were incorporated by his son, Guru Arjan Dev Ji into the Adi Granth. He dedicated his entire life to his nation and he gave the message of love and devotion to his followers and that is evident from his writings too. The Sikh marriage ceremony popularly known by the name Anand Karaj centre on a hymn that is of four stanzas is composed by Guru Ram Das as well. He devoted his entire life to keep alive the traditions followed by the earlier three gurus and towards Sikhism.

Celebrations of Guru Ram Das Jayanti
Guru Ram Das Jayanti, the birthday of Sri Guru Ram Das ji is celebrated by the Sikhs all across the country and all across the world too. Sikhs follow the age old rituals and traditions to celebrate this eve. People celebrate this day by spreading the message of love and peace across various people. The celebration of this eve begins 11 days before the celebration day, Sikhs held an assembly that is popularly known as sangat and they invite their guest to it. People chant shabads of the Gurus and the Guest narrates the whole life history of the Guru. Gurudwaras are visited by the people on this day and they pray to the lord almighty.

Significance of the day on the lives of people
Sri Guru Ram Das ji gave the message of peace and harmony to his followers and even today people memorize him for his great teachings. His hymns are sung at various places even at the time of marriage.


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