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Surya Shashti/ Dala Chhath

Surya Shashti/ Dala Chhath

Surya Shashti is the Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Sun (Bhagwan Surya) and is celebrated on the Shasti Shukla Paksha of Hindu Kartika month. On this day, Lord Surya is worshipped by chanting Surya Mantra (Lord Surya mantra “Aum Grihni Suryaya Namah” and “Om Suryaya Namah” (108 times).

Lord Sun has a special place in our life. Bhagwan Surya is the one who provides energy and life to the creatures on Earth. Surya Sashthi fast is observed in the month of Kartik on Shukl Sasti as per Hindu lunar calendar. It is also called Dala Chat.

Surya Shashti Festival

06 November 2016

26 November 2017

13 November 2018

02 November 2019

20 November 2020

10 November 2021

30 October 2022


On this day people use to celebrate Shashti Puja by observing a Surya Shashti fast on this day and they are blessed with imperishable benefits. A bath in holy rivers and worship of Lord Sun with red powder (gulal), red flowers of Kaner, diyas (lamps) and in red clothes is also done on this day. There is also the tradition of offering water to the sun, after holy bath.

Devotee also observes Surya Shashti Vrat (fasting) for being blessed with child, suitable life partner, success or prosperity. The glory of Lord Sun is mentioned in various ancient scriptures. It is also believed that worshipping Lord Sun with respect, complete enthusiasm and full faith fulfils all the desires of a person.

Even though Surya Shashti Festival and Puja is celebrated all over India, the celebrations in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand are incomparable. Even in the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Goa, the festival is celebrated with equal devotion.

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