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Tarnetar Mela

Tarnetar Mela

Tarnetar Mela (Gujarat)

Tarnetar Mela is held in the village of Tarnetar which is 39 kilometers away from Chotila area in the District of   Surendranagar in the state of Gujarat. It is situated near the city of Thangadh .The festival is popular in the name of Trinetreshwar Mahadev Mela. The festival is held in first week of the month of September-October known as Bhadrapada

Significance of Tarnetar Mela (Gujarat)

Trinetreshwar Mahadev Mela is about the scared temple of Trinetreshwar. This fair acts as a marriage place for the youth of tribal group who specially visits Tarnetar for finding a bride suitable for them. There is a huge fair which is held at Tarnetar which is pacifically dedicated to Lord Shiva, the three eyed god. The Tarnetar Fair has a reservoir or kind which ha popular belief associated with it.As per the belief, a holy dip in the water of the reservoir is considered equivalent to the dip in River Ganges .The kind or reservoir is also popular as papanshu which means the destroyer of all sins

Celebrating Tarnetar Mela (Gujarat)

The celebration of Tarnetar Mela is done in a panchal regions which has mythological significance as its considered to be Draupadi's native place .As per mythological belief, Arjun accomplished the task of eye piercing of the fish by looking right at the reflection of the fish in the water and the marriage or swaymvar was held surrounding this pond in Tarnetar. The tribal youth visits the pond in ritual dresses searching for a suitable match. The men and women are dressed in traditional clothes .The tradition consists of men standing under umbrellas to signify their marital status and women roam around the umbrellas in search of their groom. Another major attraction of Tarnetar Mela is the cattle exhibition which attracts a large amount of tourist to view this event. Along it cattle festival, various other programmers such as Rural Olympics, horse race and race of bullock cart are other major events held during the time of Tarnetar Mela festival. Various tourists who came from around the world are attracted towards learning folk dances such as Hado and also Raas dance from the Maladhari community. The tourists also have the opportunity of sight seeing the heritage monuments which are showcased at the Tarnetar Mela festival .People coming to this event stays in tents a kuba houses. With a large number of events being held in Tarnetar Mela, there has been an increase in the number of tourists coming to Tarnetar Mela every year. It attracts villagers from all over the region as well as tourists. It has an attendance figure of around 100,000 people


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