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Teacher’s Day

Teacher's Day

Teacher’s Day and its Significance in India

 Since 1962, Teacher’ day is celebrated with great enthusiasm on the 5th September in India. The day commemorates Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakhrishanan, a teacher and a philosopher who contributed  a lot to the field of education in India. He believed that education should be the first priority for everyone. He created some of the best minds in the country. There is hardly any one  of us aware about the fact as why and also how the Teacher's Day got  introduced and also how the same is celebrated every year. We can recall that we used to give flowers  and gifts to our beloved  teachers


 When Dr. Radhakrishanan was the president of India in the year 1962, student approached him to celebrate this day. He said “Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be privileged to mark 5th September as the “Teacher’s Day”. This showed his love and respect towards teaching profession. That time onwards, this day is celebrated as the Teacher’s day of India. He was a notable popular writer. He was first among many philosophers  of that period who brought the  Indian philosophy in limelight. He was quite popular as a teacher and loved by the students.

 Significance of Teacher’s Day

 Many of us don't realize the significance of Teacher’s day. Education has now become a complete jumble of various subjects, extracurricular activities and coaching classes. The role of the teacher is very important to educate their students. This day is a tribute to the appreciation and hard work of the teachers. It is as an expression of this gratitude only that we celebrate Teacher's Day in India. 

 Celebration Moments

 Students on this day dress up as teachers as they take classes. Some teachers sit in their classes as students, trying to enjoy this special day dedicated especially for them. In many schools and colleges, the management organized various functions. Student arranges special programs of dances, speech, dramas to entertain their teachers. This day shows a healthy interaction with the student and teachers. There are people who return to the schools and colleges where they got education to meet the teachers on this day and  also to catch up some memory of  old times. Students will always be a student to the teachers and to express their gratitude, they offer several gifts and flowers for them.

 Teacher’s day is one of the most celebrated Indian festival for many years. It is an equally special day for teacher and students, as they get  to know how much they are liked. So on this teacher’s day, go ahead to meet the ex-teacher and tell them that you care for them and respect them even today.


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