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Thai Poosam

Thai Poosam, Thai Poosam Festival, Thai poosam kavady religious festival.

Thai Poosam –Important Festival for South Indians
Thai Poosam is an important festival celebrate mostly by the south part of India especially Tamil in the month of January to February. Other than Indians, this festival is also celebrated in huge enthusiasm by the people speaking Tamil. Tamilians are also widely settled in Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Dedicated to Lord Murugan

Thai Poosam is celebrated in the name of Hindu Lord called Lord Murugan. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Lord Murugan is also known as Kartikeya, Sanmukha, Subramaniam, Shaananan, Guha and Skanda. On this day, it is believed that Parvati Maa offered a lancet to kill the Tarakasura demon and his army in order to vanquish evil deeds. Lord Murugan killed demon Tarakasura and hence this occasion is called as Thai Poosam. It is also believed that Lord Shiva offered 11 weapons to annihilate the demon Asuran. Lord Murugan also killed Asuran and achieved great success. When these demons were killed, it was the night of Poosam star and Thai month. This is the main reason why this festival is celebrated as Thai Poosam.


On the Thai Poosam day, most of the people offer Murugan flowers and fruits usually in orange and yellow color. It is believed that these colors are greatly adorned and loved by Lord Murugan. Hence, the devotes of Lord Murugan offer dresses or clothes of the same color to worship him. In addition to these, many devotees of Murugan also offer water, milk, floral and fruits which is hung on yoke. They carry this yoke on their shoulders to all temples of Lord Murugan located nearby or far. The bamboo on which they are carried is called as “Kavadi” and is covered with feathers of peacock. The celebrations do not end here. Many people pierce their body with skewers, small lances as vel and hooks. They even carry heavy objects and chariots along with those hooks attached.

Curse imparted on Lord Murugan

Lord Shiva was chanting some important mantra with Goddess Parvati. At this time, Lord Murugan was not listening to Shiva. When Parvathi Maa noticed this, she cursed him. Lord Murugna further approached for apologies in front of Shiva. Fortunately, she was pleased by Lord Murugna and forgave him. It was observed that this day is been celebrated as Thai Poosam. This celebrations is to remind all children to listen when their father chant on some important mantras.


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