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Tula Sankranti

Tula Sankranti

Tula Sankranti is the Hindu festival also known as Garvana or Garbhana Sankranti. It is celebrated as an auspicious day and the first day of the Kartika month in the Hindu Solar calendar on the same day as Mahashtami. Tula Sankranti is the day when the Sun transits into Tula Rashi. Tula Sankranti is famous all over India with different rituals. Tula Sankranti is celebrated with social, religious, and cultural significance.

Tula Sankranti Date/ Day:

17 October 2016

17 October / 2017

17 October / 2018

18 October / 2019

17 October / 2020

17 October / 2021

17 October / 2022

The Tula Sankranti Festival is celebrated mainly in Orissa and Karnataka and is a great day for the farmers to enjoy the achievement of growing rice fields. The farmers see Goddess Lakshmi – the authority of Fertility, Wealth and Prosperity. Maa Laxmi is worshipped on this day with a belief that vast quantity of corns will be harvested by worshipping her with full faith.   

Tula Sankranti Significance

The farmers also believe that worshipping Maa Lakshmi with this pujs will protect themselves from natural calamities or any loss to their agricultural field. Various kinds of dishes are also offered to Maa Lakshmi. With this ritual the farmers please themselves with the confidence that there won’t be a shortage of food. Holy dips or bath are also considered auspicious on this day of Sankranti throughout the Tula month. 

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