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Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, the romantic working day

Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is observed every single year on the 14th of February. This beautiful day of love started as a celebration of the famous Christian Saint namely Valentine. On this day lovers express their love and feelings to their loved ones through cards, bouquets, gifts and other surprises. The florists are in huge demand this day as the sale of roses touches an all-time high.

Valentine's Day Date: 14 February

About Valentine’s Day

There are many versions about how Valentine’s Day came into the picture and how people follow it year after year. Every person on this planet looks forward to the 14th of Feb. it is a very special day for those in love especially because it’s the day for love and happiness. The origin of this day dates back to Saint Valentine.  Saint Valentine was a priest in Rome who would love to get young lovers married in secret despite the disapproval of Emperor Claudius.

When his actions came to the notice of Claudius, he was sentenced to death. When Valentine was put in jail, he fell in love with a pretty young girl who is believed to have been the jailors daughter. Before Valentine’s death, on the 14th of Feb, he wrote a letter to this girl signed- ‘From your Valentine’. Later in 496 AD, Pope Gelasius decided to set 14th Feb as a day to honor Saint Valentine hence the name- Valentine’s day.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Love is a very natural feeling and celebrating the day of love with your loved one is a true blessing in disguise. Every young and old lover looks forward to Valentine’s Day. More than often red is the color of the day as it symbolizes love and passion. Every individual has their own way of expressing love. On the whole it is a very lovely day.

There are billions and millions of gifts exchanged this day around the world. Restaurants are booked; theatres are full there are just couples everywhere on this day. For all the single ones, Valentine’s Day seems like a just another day with a secret hope to find their valentine sooner or later. There is so much hype that this day cannot go unnoticed. Even children these days are aware about the specialty of 14th February. That is how popular Saint Valentine has made this day of love and how amazingly people grace this day with love.

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