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Vamana Jayanthi

Vamana Jayanthi

Vamana Jayanti is also popularly known Vamana Dwadashi. This day is believed to be the appearance day of Vamana, an incarnation of Vishnu. On this auspicious day, the devotees worship Shri Hari (another name for Lord Vishnu) and perform various rituals to please Lord Vamana and get all their wishes and desires fulfilled.

According to the Hindu scriptures, it is believed that it is even more auspicious if Vamana Jayanti falls on the Shravan Nakshatra. On this day, devotees worship Lord Vishnu with complete devotion, and the one who worships with a pure heart is said to get freedom from all the sufferings and conquers salvation.

Vamana Jayanti is celebrated with full vigour every year on the Shukla Paksha (Waxing moon period) of the Bhadrapad month.

Lord Vamana is the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the protector and preserver of life. Holy books like Vishnu Purana and Shrimadbhagvad Purana describes the glory and magnificence of Lord Vamana.
As per the Hindu mythology, it is believed that once Asuras or Daityas (Demons) lost a battle against Devas (Gods). Bali, the king of Asuras, became unconscious when Indra Dev (Rain God) attacked him and he was on the verge to die. At that moment, Shukracharya (Guru of Demons) offered Sanjeevani Buti (a lifesaving herb) to all the demons and saved them.
After this miracle King Bali performed a strict penance and became more powerful than Devas. To win the battle, Bali was supposed to perform 100 Yagnas (a spiritual activity). To protect gods from the fury of Demons, Lord Vishnu embodied the form of Lord Vamana. And he was born to Aditi, wife of Saint Kashyap, as Vamana.
Vamana grew up and went to see King Bali on the 100th day of Ashwamedh Yagna (a holy ritual). King Bali was pleased to meet him and promised to fulfil any of his most desired wish. Vamana asked for three pieces of land that could be measured with his own feet. The first step that Vamana took encircled the entire earth and the second enclosed the heavens. Now, there was no place for him to place his third step. So, King Bali offered Vamana his own head. Vamana was pleased and placed his last step on Bali’s head.
In this way, Lord Vishnu was pleased by the honesty of Bali for fulfilling his promise. He fulfilled Bali’s desire for Lord Vishnu to be present in front of him day and night so that he can worship Him every time. 
Rituals and Observations

On Vamana Jayanti, devotees worship Shri Hari or Lord Vishnuearly in the morning with complete devotion. They offer rice and curd to please the God as it is considered auspicious. In the evening, devotees listen to Vamana Katha (mythological story) along with other devotees and family members, after which Prasad (holy offering to God) is distributed. It is believed that devotees should observe fast throughout the day and perform Puja to please Lord Vamana to fulfil their wishes.


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