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Van Mahotsava Day (Forest Day)

Van Mahotsava Day (Forest Day)

Van Mahotsav Day- Celebrating Life
Van Mahotsav or the festival of trees is a festival celebrated in India in the first week of July. This celebration was started in 1950 by Dr. K.M. Munshi the Agriculture minister for India during the same year. As part of the celebrations, millions of saplings are planted by people of all age groups from all over the country in the Van Mahotsav week.
All over the country, people are encouraged to plant trees. This practice is observed by schools all over the country. Schools usually declare this day to be a half day where classes are suspended and students are encouraged to plant trees. This helps in making the students better citizens and also spreads awareness as to the adverse effects of cutting trees.

Awareness campaigns are held all over the country and various drives by NGO’s are organized to help people participate in the process of planting trees. This practice takes place every year and helps conserve the greenery of our country. The preservation of nature has become a very important part of our life due the acceleration in industrialization and the construction of so many factories, conservation of forests has become a point of major concern.

Due to the celebration of this festival in the month of July which is also the onset of the monsoon season, planting trees proves to be beneficial. Planting of trees also serves other purposes like providing alternative fuel options, food for cattle, helps in soil conservation and more than anything offers a natural aesthetic beauty. Planting of trees also helps to avoid soil erosion which may cause floods. Also, planting trees can be extremely effective in slowing down global warming and trees also help in reducing pollution as they make the air cleaner.

The constant felling of trees has been a problem for a long time now and as a result of that it is extremely important for us to create awareness for the same. And everyone must try and actively involve themselves in this practice as well. According to the forest department for every tree felled ten trees should be planted to regain the loss of one. The survival of plants and animals is also put in danger as each and every time a tree is felled or a forest is uprooted. Van Mahotsav is thus a widely celebrated festival and should be celebrated as more than a day of planting trees and celebrated as any other festival.

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