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Vats Dwadashi

Vats Dwadashi is also known as Oak Duwas, Bachwas and Bali Dwadashi. The Vatsa Dwadashi Festival is celebrated during Krishna Paksha. The Vats Dwadashi fast is observed by ladies to get blessed with a son, and mothers for the longevity of their child. Vats Dwadashi Festival is observed in some regions of Rajasthan. The ladies of the family worship the cows and calves on this special occasion and offer dry coconut to the calves as Prasad. The key objective of celebrating this auspicious day is to have a male child in the home.

Vats Dwadashi:


Legend of the Festival

As per Hindu tradition, Cow is considered as the holy animals. Legend says that, in the Cow’s feet the entire Hindu Deities (Devi – Devtas) reside. Therefore, when we offer prayer to Holy cow, our prayers directly reach to all the Deities through the cow, and finally we get blessings in the form of prosperity and good luck. The day of Krishna Pakhsa is always considered as the favourable day to offer our prayers.  

Women keep Vrat (fast) on Vats Dwadashi and after taking early morning bath, they worship the cows and their calves. Women are allowed to eat only cereals and sprouts and the same is later consumed in the form of Holy Prasad. There is a restriction on the consumption of any milk products on Vats dwadashi festival. 


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