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Vijaya Ekadashi

Vijaya Ekadashi

Vijaya Ekadashi is a specific kind vrat, which is related to fasting. This Ekadashi vrat occurs during the Krishna Paksha or the waning phase of the moon in the Phalgun month of Hindu Calendar. You can find this vrat in kanda Purana. According to the Purana, this vrat can remove the guilt, which is associated with the guilt of sin. It is also said, it can help you to attain the victory. This holy occasion is associated with the myth of Lord Ram and the victorious glory, which is related to Lord Ram.

Vijaya Ekadashi Festival Date:

Vijaya Ekadashi Festival 2017- 22 February

Vijaya Ekadashi Festival 2018- 11 February

Vijaya Ekadashi Festival 2019- 02 March

Vijaya Ekadashi Festival 2020- 19 February

Vijaya Ekadashi Festival 2021- 09 March

Vijaya Ekadashi Festival 2022- 27 February


The reason for celebration of Vijaya Ekadashi

The myth related to this vrat is associated with victory of Lord Ram. It is believed that Ram observed this vrat when he crossed the ocean and reached in Lanka. In Lanka, Lord Ram defeated the Ravana. So it is a sign of victory.  In this vrat, Parana is an important part of this. Here the parana word sinifies breaking of the fast. The Parana should be done after the sunrise on the next day of the Ekadashi fast. It should be done by the Dwadashi Tithi, until or unless it is over before the sunrise.

If you are involving in this vrat and not doing the parana, it is counting as an offence. For any reason, if anyone is unable to break the fast in the specific time, he or she can do it in Madhyanna or in the afternoon. In this vrat, there are some restrictions related to this vrat. All those rules, which are related to normal Ekadashi Vrat, are also applicable for this vrat. Some people, who are involved in this Vrat, do not sleep in the day time. In this vrat, the grains are strictly restricted and such foods, which are made of rice, are usually strictly avoided in this vrat.

Some people are maintaining this vrat to achive the Moksha or the eternal peace. It is a regular vrat which devotees can perform as per their convenience. Usually the Ekadashi Vrat is quite famous in those people who are maintaining such vrat. And, this specific one is famous for victory, good luck and positive solution of any problem. It can be performed by anyone and it is easily maintain in his or her daily lifestyle. You do not need to perform any special rituals. You just need to follow some food restriction and that’s all.

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