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Winter Festival (Mt. Abu)

Winter Festival (Mt. Abu)

Winter Festival (Mt. Abu) –Explore the Beauty of the Hill Station
Rajasthan has attracted thousands of people with its rich culture and traditions. Apart from these, people love to visit the beauty of the hill station name Mt. Abu. It is located in the Aravalli region in Sirohi district and share border with Gujarat. It is the highest peak on the mountain. It is also referred as the Oasis of the desert as it is surrounded with lakes, rivers, waterfalls and lushy forests. Another thing which attracts people from all over the world is the Winter Festival of the hill station. Though this place is loaded with exquisite beauty and tourist attractions, but it is also famous for Winter Festival.

History of Winter Festival
The winter festival of Mt. Abu has glorious history in Rajasthan. It was the initiative from both the Rajasthan Tourism and Tamil Nadu Development Corporation. The main objective of the festival is to showcase the exquisite beauty of the hill station along with the traditions and culture.

Highlights of Winter Festival
The festival offers you to explore the tradition and culture of Rajasthan. The festival last for three days and offer a lot for space for fun and frolic in the midst of beautiful location of the hill station. You will witness warm welcome and hospitality surrounded with joyous and cheerful ambiance. The lovely performances of the locals during the winter festival are worth to experience. The folk and classical singers' event at the festival is truly mesmerizing. You can witness the exquisite dance performances such as Daph, Gair and Ghoomar. Apart from dance festivals, the winter festival of Mt. Abu also encourages sports enthusiasts by organizing sports events. The organization conduct variety of cricket matches with a great grand prize for the winners.
Apart from the entertainment events, you will be mesmerized to see the number of light lamps float on the Nakki Lake. This event is called as Deepdan. The Nakki Lake is filled in fact surrounded with beautiful handmade lamps that will soothe your eyes.

Celebrations in Winter Festival
During this festival, the local residents carry out various processions. It is believed that the local residents actively take part during the processions as it holds great importance for them. The processions usually start from the Hotel Shikhar and ends at Nakki Lake. People wear colourful and traditional dress during the festival to mark the importance of the state. As a tourist you will truly enjoy extravagant festival that will mesmerize you forever.

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