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World Book Day

World Book Day, World Book Day Festival, World Book Day 7th March.

 A book is perceived in basically two ways. By a person who never reads, a book is a big parallelepiped block which occupies otherwise usable space. The only true use such a person may have of a book is either of a tea stand or as a defence mechanism, which can pose serious injuries when properly thrown at the target. The second category of people, that is the ones who read, considers a book as a sort of portal which has the power to transfer any person to another world within the blink of an eye. It is the second category of people who love to live many lives and to celebrate the only way they can make that possible they come together to celebrate World Book Day.

World Book Day Date- 23 April

Origin and significance of this day
World Book Day is celebrates on 7th of March every year and the year 2013 is the 16th instalment of the festival. UNESCO fixed the date after series of lengthy and serious discussions to celebrate not just books but authors, poets, various forms of literature but most of all the delight of reading. The main aim of the celebration around the world is to encourage the young minds to read.

Types of encouragement
Every young mind is perceptive and receptive. These inbred qualities with some avid reading have and can generate extraordinary men and women in future. To help this grown various NGO’s as well as Government Organizations with the motive of engaging their interest provide them with tokens and vouchers for the purchase of books on this day. Plenty of schools conduct fun as well as educational activities to educate the little people on the fact that reading can be fun too.

Encouragement for the older kids
In some places grants, scholarships as well as fellowships are announced on this very day to be provided to people with literary aspirations. This is done so as to felicitate and acknowledge young brilliant young people who have given up other more monetarily satisfying career options and have decided to dedicate their lives for the love of literature.

Reading books may look plain and commonplace to some people but those who have found the magic in books know well the world which lies deep inside those rough white pages and feel strongly for those unfortunate minds who will never be able to open the door to Narnia or fall down the tree hole with Alice and visit the Wonderland.


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