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World Environment Day

 World Environment Day

World Environment Day –Act to Protect Earth
World environment day is celebrated every year in the month of June 5th. The festival is celebrated to create awareness about the world environment and safety of the Earth. It is celebrate to raise the global awareness of the environment and take positive action on the same. The event is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The United Nations Environment is an institution of international level, a connection between the United Nations environmental activities. The main activities of the institution are to raise global awareness about the environment. Every year the institution displays new theme to create social awareness about saving Earth.

Motive of World Environment Day
As a world citizen it is the responsibility to save and maintain the ecological balance. Following are the five things that the institution wants to spread among global citizens.

  • The main purpose of the World Environment movement is to start making changes from the household things. In order to save global, it is important be educated about the using and recycling methods.
  • They also raise awareness to build the garden in your area. Plant as many trees as possible so that you can breathe in a fresh air. If you do not have enough space to plant trees, ensure that you plant a small flower plant in your gallery or balcony. This will help you to keep your surrounding fresh and calm.
  • They also suggest that every citizen should travel by public transport. Take a walk instead of driving cars. Walking is a fun activity and a great way to exercise.
  • The main motive of the World Environment Day institution is to reduce, reuse, recycle, renew and refuse unwanted things that can harm global environment.
  • They also think that every citizen should be aware about the global impact on our lives. Every citizen of world should do something nice in order to protect our environment. Just do not show off as if you care about the Earth by simply posting and commenting pictures and status on the social networking websites. Instead do something in personal.

Celebrations of World Environment Day

Today most of the institution and companies take some time from the busy schedule and arrange global awareness functions. In schools, there are workshops, seminars and entertainment programs. In other institutions, people take participate in global environment events held in their city or town.


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