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World Forestry Day

World Forestry Day, World Forestry Day Festival, World Forestry Day Celebration

World Forestry Day

World Forestry Day, also known as the International Day of Forests, is observed all over the world to honor the value of the forests. More simply, it is the day when the society is reminded of the responsibility of not cutting down trees. The concept for celebrating the day was first originated in 1971. It is more like an occasion to inspire public awareness.

World Forestry Day Date: 21 March

About Forestry

Forestry is the kind of activity that should be put forward to the general mass. People are scared of forests, but forestry brings a lot of useful material that we use in our daily life. It is not very easy to pick up a profession as a forester, but being one means serving the society in various ways. It is also about keeping the environment clean and ensuring that the beauty of the trees is not destroyed.

Forestry, in a lot of countries, is a major place for employment. These countries also have the respective national income largely from the activities of forestry. It is, in fact, regarded as a branch of agriculture. This is because the foresters can derive loads of materials like sponge and rubber from the trees.  Forestry, in a sense, is also a beautiful creation or part of nature, where various species of the animals and the birds find their natural habitat. Preserving this habitat and restricting the species from being extinct is a vital part of forestry.

The basic requirements such as shade, shelter, refuge, refreshment, water and clean air can be derived from the activities of the foresters. Therefore, it is clear that forestry plays an invaluable role for life on earth. This, in fact, goes for not just the animals and the birds, but also for the humans. While talking about the human race, not just the tribes and the villagers, the people who live in towns and cities are also highly served by forestry.

Celebrating World Forestry Day

The celebration of the special day includes various activities like camping and planting trees. Even, discussing the facts and features of forestry among the experts is a major part of celebration. And most importantly, the discussions are spread among the general mass too. There are many organizations which arrange for the events as pointed out. And then, there are many television channels which take the responsibility of telecasting the activities and the voices of the experts along with the general mass all around the word.


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