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World Haemophilia Day

Haemophilia Day

World Haemophilia Day is an international observance held each year by the WFH (The World Federation of Haemophilia) on April 17 to increase awareness of haemophilia. It is recognised worldwide to increase awareness for haemophilia as well as other bleeding disorders, which serves to raise funds and attract volunteers for the World Federation of Haemophilia. This is a supportive effort since the increased awareness of haemophilia will bring better diagnosis and access to care for the billions who remain without treatment.

World Haemophilia Day was started in 1989 by WFH on April 17 in honour of the birthday of the World Federation of Haemophilia’s founder, Mr Frank Schnabel’s. In 2016 HFA will celebrate World Haemophilia Day to support the WFH objective of Treatment for All. On this day, people are also encouraged to wear red clothes to catch attention to the haemophilia cause.


World Haemophilia Day Date- April 17

What is Haemophilia?

Haemophilia is a critical health condition in which bleeding is prolonged. Haemophilia is a disorder present from birth and is generally hereditary; you can't 'catch' this disorder or pass it onto others. In some rare instances, patients may suffer with haemophilia later in life (typically in the 50+ age group). Haemophiliacs have lower levels of blood clotting factor in the blood and bleeding is spontaneous (which is the main symptom of haemophilia). In mild cases, bleeding continue for a shorter duration. In serious cases, bleeding continues for longer periods, with no obvious cause.

World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH)-Introduction

The WFH was established by Frank Schnabel in 1963. WFH (The World Federation of Haemophilia) is a Global non-profit organization dedicated to improve the lives of patients with haemophilia and other genetic disorders.

It educates haemophiliacs and lobbies for enhanced medical treatment. 75% of people in the world with bleeding disorders do not receive treatment. The World Federation of Haemophilia has its headquarters in Montreal, Canada. The members of this organization are 113 countries world-wide with official recognition from the World Health Organization. The current President of The World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH) is Alain Weill.

Why do we need an awareness campaign?

Unfortunately, there are so many people, who receive poor treatment or no treatment at all, for haemophilia. According to WFH, about 1 in every 1000 person has haemophilia or other bleeding disorder; many are left untreated. The key objective of World Haemophilia Day is to raise alertness about haemophilia and increase the accessibility of treatments for this condition around the Globe.  

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