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World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day, World Meteorological Day 23 March, World Meteorological Day Celebration.

World Meteorological Day
World Meteorological Day is observed by about 191 nations of the world. It is the day when the establishment of World Meteorological Organization or WMO took place for the aim to promote the awareness of the meteorological studies. It involves the activities regarding the climate, which further take care to keep updates of weather for the protection of life and property.

World Meteorological Day Date: 23 March

About World Meteorological Organization

World Meteorological Organization, shortly known as WMO, is the organization that aims at specializing the study of weather and climate. It is an international governmental organization, which has about 191 Member States. It was previously known as International Meteorological Organization, which was founded in 1873. WMO was established in the year 1950, and now is an agency of the United Nations in the department of meteorology, hydrology and geophysical science. The headquarters is at Geneva of Switzerland, and the organization is a United Nations Development Group member.

WMO is highly regarded among the world for its works on meteorology. It is also a well known organization, winning various awards and prizes. Various conferences are being organized by WMO for gathering and spreading information regarding the climate prediction of the world. The initiatives concern the welfare of life and property, while issuing the activity of climate prediction. In other words, it makes sure as much as possible that the natural calamities do not become burdens against survival on earth.

Numerous developing and developed nations are parts of the organization as the members. The professional and well established meteorologists of the countries are always on their toes to ensure the awareness of the organization. At the same time, the specialists also focus on the arrangements that can be made possible by all the nations of the world in order to prevent any loss from the natural calamities. It can be made possible by the conferences that are held while any serious issue regarding the weather change of our planet is noticed.

Celebrating World Meteorological Day

Celebrating the day is meant to honor the experienced personnel who are dedicated to the activities such as climate prediction. Scientific exhibitions and technical forums are held by WMO while arranging for the live telecasts all over the world. Unique themes are selected each year for the forums. Speeches and discussions by the specialists ensure the spreading of the meteorological awareness among the nations.


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