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World Population Day

 World Population Day

World Population Day
Every year, world Population day is celebrated on July 11th to raise awareness to the population issues and how to overcome it. The event was started in 1989 by United Nations Development program. This draws its inspiration from public interest in the Five Billion Day Program held on July 11th, 1987. Each year has a specific theme for the celebration of this day. The theme of last year was “Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services”.

Need of celebrating the World Population Day  
With the ever rising population of the world, there is a rise in the scarcity of the basic needs like food, shelter and potable water. As the population grows in geometric progression, the basic amenities reduce every day due to the excess use of them. Also with the increase in population the non renewable sources of energy are depleted to low level.
Keeping these points in mind, the United Nations Development Program have started this celebration from 11th July, 1987 when the world population has reached the milestone of 7 billion to promote social awareness.

Theme of World Population Day
The theme that was selected in 2012 is one of the major targets of United Nations Millennium Target Goals. According to United Nations Organization the reproductive health problems is the leading cause of death and ill health of women all over the world along with the malnutrition of pregnant mothers. Many women avoid or delay their pregnancy process due to proper family planning. Nearly 800 women die every day all over the world giving birth to new life. About 1.8 billion youngsters are reaching their reproductive age without proper knowledge, services or skills they require for this process. All these things call for a mass awareness and mass education to promote Good Health. This is what is done by the United Nations Organization on World Population Day.

Your part on World Population Day
Even you can contribute to the United Nations’ celebrations of World Population Day. Here is how.

    • Gather and promote the proper family planning process. In order to control the explosive population, proper family planning is required. You can start it with yourself and if even 10% of the world population takes the necessary steps like you, the world will definitely change for a better place.
    • Provide help to the needy. Yes, you can definitely make a change by helping the needy mothers with food and clothing. As all over the world nearly 1.8 million mothers die due to malnutrition. Your small contribution will make a big change in the health condition of the world Health.
    • Promote education and teach voluntarily. According to United Nations records nearly 3 billion children are forced to leave their education before the age of 14 due to poverty. If you start teaching at least one or two students in your locality you can inspire others to follow your footsteps to build a world which is free from child labor and violence.
    • Keeping these points in mind and executing them you can be one of the soldiers of the new world.


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