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World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on 8th May. It is celebrated as the birthday anniversary of the founder of the Red Cross. World Red Cross Day is an annual event celebration; celebrating the principles of “International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement”. A cross of red color on the white background is the symbol of Red Cross Day.  

The founder of the Red Cross as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is Henry Dunant He born in the year 1828 (Geneva) on May 08. He became the recipient of the First Nobel Peace Prize. It is celebrated annually to pay tribute to the volunteers, who participated in the Red Cross related welfare events and also appreciate their precious contribution to help people in need.

World Red Cross Day is dedicated to alleviate human suffering, protecting human life, protecting dignity, and preventing natural disasters such as earthquakes, flood, etc. The fundamental principles recognized during World Red Cross Day are humanity, independence, freedom, neutrality, voluntary, unity, impartiality and universality. Each and every component of Red Cross organizations respect and support these principles.

It also aims to accomplish its meeting in other remote and rural regions of the world to alleviate all the deadly diseases including measles. The primary objective of World Red Cross Day is to save children from the sufferings, completely eradicate epidemic diseases, etc.

This special event is celebrated by organizing varieties of events and programs at various places for helping people free of cost. Some of the National societies celebrate this day by organizing the blood donation and anaemia awareness programmes.

During World Red Cross Day local heroes who had participated in invaluable impact on life protection are recognized in several categories such as military, law enforcement, community champion, fire and rescue and humanitarian awards. In addition, the Day is also celebrated through fund-raising and donations (through donation camps).

Objectives of the World Red Cross Day celebration:

  • To provide relief to the injured persons to control death rate due to any kind of disasters.
  • To reduce the casual death rate because of epidemic diseases.
  • It helps in restoring the human dignity.
  • To help persons living in the vulnerable areas in managing the public health emergencies.
  • It avails nursing care to the people in civil populations.
  • It empowers its members, civil societies and other communities to give fast response to the health disasters.
  • It also avails the treatment for prisoners of war and helps them to search the missing persons during the conflict.

Local Natives, firms, societies, non-governmental organizations, and many other types of organizations are encouraged participate as well as make their contribution to raise money for helping a dying life. Every person is encouraged to contribute money based on their capacity.

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