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World Telecommunication Day

World Telecommunication Day


The World Telecommunication Day celebration commemorates the founding anniversary of International Telecommunications Union (ITU) an international organization, which was commenced in 1865 on May 17. ITU is a specialized agency for information and communication technologies.

International Telecommunications Union is committed to connecting the world – wherever they live and whatsoever their means. ITU brings the advantages of modern communication technologies to people all over the world in a proficient, safe, simple and affordable manner.

World Telecommunications Day celebrates the continuous evolution of the most common and important factors of our lives, i.e. communication. Every Year, World Telecommunication Day is celebrated on 17 May. World Telecommunication Day was first celebrated in the year 1969.

Earlier, bells, smoke signals, drums, poles, semaphore, flags, heliograph or other apparatus were used for communication or sending signals (messages) to distant placed people.

With advancement in technology and modernization and of technology the use of electronic devices such as radio, telephones, television, laptops or computers became common mode of telecommunication. The World Telecommunication Day celebration focuses to strengthen national policies, fill up the technological differences, and promote the world connectivity, testing inter-operability of systems and to curb on physical distances globally through Telephones, Internet, etc.

 This important day is also celebrated to increase awareness and alertness about the benefits of communication technology among the public. The main objective of this day is to make information and communication accessible to persons residing in remote as well as rural zone. The main attraction of the celebration is the demonstration of different theme every year. 

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