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World Youth Day

 World Youth Day

World Youth Day celebration

World Youth Day is an event organized on an international level on the Palm Sunday, in the dioceses of the Bishops from around the world. The event was first initiated in 1985 by Pope John Paul II and has since then been celebrated after a gap of every 2-3 years at different places of the world. The event is organized under the patronage of the Catholic Church, which has designated the Blessed Teressa of Calcutta and the Blessed Pope John Paul II as its patron saints.

In 2013, the 14th World Youth Day will be celebrated at the Brazilian city of Rio-de-Janeiro in the month of August.

The Traditions of World Youth Day all over the world

The World Youth Day symbolizes the convergence and unity of diverse global cultures for a single event. It is quite common for people attending the event to display the flags and other national symbols of their respective nations as a mark of their attendance and to highlight their own catholic themes. Amidst the various events, it is also common for people of different nationalities to trade souvenirs unique to their countries.

Another popular and extremely important tradition of the festival is the public appearance of the revered Pope himself. Right from the arrival of His Holiness in the city hosting the festival to his final appearance at the Mass, people almost crawl over one another to get a glimpse of the Pope.

Every such festival is organized according a specific theme, which is selected by the Pope himself upon the culmination of the current event. The theme for 2013 World Youth Day, which was declared by Pope Benedict XVI , on 24th August 2011, "Go and make disciples of all peoples", which has been taken from the Gospel of Mathew.


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