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Firozpur – A city developing into the banks of river Sutlej
An overview of Firozpur:
Firozpur had been one of the major territories of the provincial Punjab in the British rule of India and the place is named after the tughlaq ruler Sultan Firoze Shah Tughlaq. However the manjni Rajput of the state say that the name was kept after the chief soldier of the community called to be Feroze Khan Presently bordering the state are the national borders separating the country from the Pakistanis. The place being a den of the British India there had been many instances of clash in the region with the local Indians and the British. The government had safely resurrected the monuments which were made in memory of those brave fighters. At present the place has a demographic concentration of about 110,091 people and males nearly make up the 58,401 people of the population the rest being the females and the children. Quite interestingly Firozpur has a literacy rate of 79% quite a healthy figure to rest of the India Firozpur in its academic condition offers the students to attend some of the best colleges in the region.

Prominent places to visit:
Wagha border: Probably the funniest borders of any Country. The indo pak border at the Wagha marks to be a great sign of democracy and will definitely mark to be one of the preferred tourist destinations in the region any tourist visiting Firozpur will definitely mark to across by Wagha and take a look at the flag lowering of both the countries. The border is open in trades and it has trade route for both the countries open. The soldiers from each side hold a small skeet to entertain people who are visiting the place. The country’s border security forces hold the show and a series of war showing the hands takes place and thus ending it soon with handshakes and closing the border for the day.

Jain Mandir: Situated in the Zira district of Firozpur, the temple is consisting of statues that are believed to be 1200 years old. The temple was renovated in the year of 2006 and was reopened on the birth anniversary of Shree Nityananda Sushi Maharaj’s birth anniversary. The tourist going to Firozpur can definitely spare some time and have a look at the statues that are considerably 1200 years old.

Anglo Sikh War memorial: Made in memoriam of the war heroes who had given their lives in the Anglo Sikh war, while fighting the British. The tourist looking into the local sighting seeing of around Firozpur can definitely stop by the memorial and pay homage to the patriots who had laid their lives for our independence.

Swetambar Temple: The Swetambar temple is one of the holy shrines that are present at the region. The tourist can definitely pay up a visit and see what the temple has to offer.

Things to buy:
Dress materials: Firozpur offers quality network of dress materials all across India and had been making them export in the planet and all across the country. The dress materials are available in very high quality as they are made from fine cottons that grow in the region. The dresses are available in cheap rates so that all can buy and these clothes can be an attraction for many tourists in the region.

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