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Gandhinagar, the green city of India
Introduction of Gandhinagar
Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujarat. This city is located on the bank of Sabarmati River. For its large green belt area, this city is often described as the green city of Gujarat. Nowadays, this city is considered as the real estate and industrial centre of Gujarat. The interesting factor you will discover when travel this city, is that, the entire city is classified in four different phases of time by following four different backgrounds. If you look at the 1970 to 1980 time phase, then found this city used to be popular as the city of Mahatma Gandhi, for the influence of principal and concept of this renowned peace loving political legend of India. For its low pollution rate, in 1980 -1990 this city entitled as the uncontaminated city of India. In the next phase following the large number of plantation of green trees, transform this town into the Green city of India in 1990 to 2002. After that period, this city experienced the advancement in technology, science, solar energy to keep this green background more green in a scientific way, and following this steps from 2002 to till date it makes it identity as the cosmopolitan town in India.


    • Adalaj Ni vab- This is a beautiful ancient step well which is located 14 km away from the heart of the city Gandhinagar. According to various sources it can be said that this beautifully carved well was built by the instruction of queen Rudabai in 1499. The interesting factor of the carvings of this well is that here you will find the carved images of the Hindu God and Goddess flowers, animals.
    • Sabarmati Ashram-This Ashram is also popular as the Satyagraha ashram, which is located on the riverbank of Sabarmati. According to historical record, Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of Indian freedom fighters in the non violence part, spent 18years inside the room called Hrihay Kunj. Traveling this historical museum, you will come to see the writings, desks, Charka, Khadi outfits used by Mahatma Gandhi.
    • Indroda Park-This Park is known as the Indroda Dinosaur and fossil park which was founded by the Geological Survey of India. This park is known for the rich collections of the wildlife animals like hare, wild boar, porcupine and deer. Interesting information of this park is that, it used to be the second largest hatchery of the dinosaur eggs in the dinosaur era. In this park you will come across different models of dinosaurs which now under the maintenance of the Gujarat Ecological and Research Foundation.
    • Akshardham temple-This shrine is recorded as the most popular traveling destination in Gandhinagar. This 2km away temple of Gandhinagar was founded in 1907. After 1992 this temple opened for the public. The standing construction of this temple using 100 pillars, balconies, podiums ,and near about 17 domes make this shrine as a wonderful example of Indian architecture.
    • Sarita Udyan- This leisure park is located in the sector 9. This Sabarmati river bank located garden is known for its beautiful surroundings. This site is known as an interesting picnic spot for the travelers.
    • Craftsman’s Village-This village is located 7km away from the city Gandhinagar. Travelers prefer to travel around this village only to feel the spirit of the work culture of the artisans on the celebrated Bandhani sarees.

Shopping in Gandhinagar
Bandhani works- When you plan buying a souvenir from Gandhinagar, then nothing could be better than considering a colorful Bandhani work from local shops. Here you will get these celebrated works oriented outfits in a lesser price with variety.

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