Ghatsthapana/ Kalashsthapana Muhurt Ashwin/ Sharadiya Navratri 2018

The Navratra festival is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm all across the country.  Navratri is associated with the victory of good on the evil.

This year first day of Ashwin (Sharadiya) Navaratri, 2018 also called Ashwin Shukla Pratipada is falling on October 10 i.e. Ashwin (Sharadiya) Navaratri, 2018 is starting on October 10.

This Navaratri will end on Ashwin Shukla Navami on October 18. In these nine days, our scriptures have prescribed for special worship/ Pooja of Goddess Durga.

As per tradition, a pitcher or water pot, called Kalash or Ghat in Sanskrit/ Hindi is placed on the first day of Navaratri, at some auspicious moment. Of all the procedures of worship, the placing of pitcher or Ghat or Kalash, called Kalash Sthapana or Ghat Sthapana has become most important, as it symbolizes the process of creation in the Universe. So, this process is to be performed only at the chosen auspicious time.

This year auspicious time for placing this pitcher or water pot; also called Ghat sthapana Muhurta or Kalash Sthapana Muhurta is as follows:

Ghat Sthapana is done on the first day of Navaratri, which is falling on October 10, this year.

For this purpose, ideally, Vaidhriti Yog is to be avoided, however, having no other option, Kalash sthapana will be performed this year in the period of Vaidhriti Yoga.. (Vaidhriti Yog is falling on October 10, 2018 up to 11:57 Hours).  Pratipada Tithi is upto 07:25 Hours on October 10, so Kalash Sthapana can be performed only  upto 7:25 Hours.

Auspicious Timings for KalashSthapana

  • Shubh Muhurta

          06:54 AM to 07:25 AM (Best Period)

         07:25 AM to 09:23 AM

        GhatSthapana, if done in the above time periods, will cause desired results

Above time periods have been calculated for the Delhi, capital of India. However, if you are at some place other than Delhi in India or any other country, then you can know auspicious timings for your place, after going to following link and filling up the details of your place:

Just choose Laabh, Amrit or Shubh Chaughadia. Feel free to mail us in case of any confusion.

We have also provided a fair guideline and help for self-calculation of Ghatasthapan Muhurta for any place on this earth, at the following link:

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for knowing most auspicious ‘GhatSthapana’ or ‘KalashSthapana ’Muhurta for next Chaitra/ Vasantik Navaratri, click the following:

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