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All You Need To Know About the Various Temples of Gwalior

Getting To Know the City
Despite being one of the numerous ancient cities of India, Gwalior stands because of its majesty and rich historic culture.  Even though the city was ruled by various dynasties and kings, it is more famous as the hometown of the Scindia dynasty. Under the rule of this dynasty, Gwalior became a major power centre in region during the second half of the 18th century. The city also rose to prominence during the 1857 revolution and also quite well known for being the place near where, Rani Laxshmibai attained martyrdom. 

The Temples of Gwalior
Gwalior has earned a great name for its architectural splendor, which is visible even in the numerous temples that adorn the city. Given below are few details of some of the more famous temples of Gwalior.
Teli Ka Mandir
This temple derives its name from the Hindi word teli, which means oil grinder or oil dealer. Though there is no acceptable explanation for naming this temple as such, it is believed that the name was adapted because the place was originally used to process oil. Located within the famous Gwalior fort, this temple is one of the highest buildings within the complex and is generally dedicated to Mother Goddess.
Sas-Bahu Mandir
Built in the 9th century, this pair of temples is extremely famous in and around Gwalior. The temples are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and stand adjacent to each other within the Fort complex. The word Sas- Bahu is the short form of Shastra Bahu, which is one of several names of Lord Vishnu. The temples are a perfect example of architectural splendor and attract numerous devotees not only because of their beauty but also their pious ambience.
Sun Temple
This temple dedicated to Sun God, has been built in the recent times, and is a close replica of the Sun Temple of Konark in Orrisa. The peaceful and neat ambience of the temple makes it a favorable tourist spot among visitors. Despite being quite new, its popularity is the same if not more than the most ancient temples of Gwalior which is why it is not uncommon to see crowds of people offering prayers in this holy shrine.
Apart from the various temples, the Gwalior Fort also has a famous Gurdwara, which is dedicated to Hargobind Singh Ji, the sixth of the ten Sikh guru’s.  This especially huge and grand Gurudwara is constructed mainly from marble and colored glass which further enhances the beauty of this spectacular building.

Other Tourist Attractions
Apart from the main Gwalior Fort , people can visit other tourist spots which include the Tomb of Rani Laxshmibai, the Municipality Museum, the Jai Vilas Mahal, , Gwalior Zoo, Sarood Ghar, Shyam Vatika and the Chatris Of Scindia.

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