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Hakik Mala / Rosary

Hakik Mala / Rosaries

Hakik Stone is a semi-precious stone and is found in various colours. Hakik Mala is believed to be one of the most powerful Mala that wards off the malefic effects of planets. An individual should wear the Hakik Mala of a colour that belongs to the particular planet for which an astrological solution is required. Hakik (Akik) Mala / Rosary can protect us from the evil eye effects, tantra attacks, black magic and from negative energies.

There are so many positive effects provided by Hakik Stone MalaHakik (Agate) Mala is available in many colours like blue, green, black, red, white etc. but the most famous Hakik Stone Mala is black mala. These stone are also used as gemstone. Tantrics use Hakik ki Mala to recover one from black magic and evil eye effects.  Some ancient texts also suggest that wearing Hakik Stone Mala helps in overcoming fears and attaining good fortune.   

Hakik (Akik) Mala / Rosary benefits:-

  • Black Hakik Mala/Rosary- Black agate is used for Safety, Bravery, and Success. It is mainly worn to get success in any competitions. It is one of the excellent stone during Menopause & other Gyneo problems.
  • Yellow Hakik Mala/Rosary-Yellow Agate Rosary gives courage, strengthens heart, and harmonizes heart, solar and throat plexus. You can also place Yellow Hakik Mala under your pillow at night to relieve sleeplessness and bring good dreams.
  • White Hakik Mala/Rosary- White Agate Malas promote willpower, self-realization, and spirituality. It also bestows inner peace, balances your aura, calms anxiety, and reduces mental stress.
  • Green Hakik Mala/ Rosary- Green agate is famous for its healing effects. Green Hakik Mala is also popular as a peaceful stone mala as it can also be used to help calm nervous minds and control negative thoughts and bad energies.
  • Red Hakik Mala/ Rosary- Red Hakik Mala is the best option for those who have health problems. It controls the blood circulation, skin ailments, epilepsy crises and women's problems.
  • Blue Hakik Mala/ Rosary- Blue Agate Mala prevents nightmares and heals several diseases. It also attracts good luck.


The popular belief is that Hakik (Agate) Mala protects the user from bad (negative) energies and also helps to attain success in every phase of life. Hakik Mala/ Rosary is also used for getting the blessings of Lord Mahadev (Shiva).

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