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Hanging Ashta Laxmi/ Lakshmi Yantra - 10 cm (YAHAL-001)

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Hanging Ashta Laxmi/ Lakshmi Yantra - 10 cm (YAHAL-001)

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Astha Laxmi hanging Yantras is very beneficial for getting all round success in all aspects of life. Goddess Laxmi is generally known as Deity of prosperity and wealth. Wealth is not just the currency.

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Product Specification

PRODUCT Hanging Ashta Laxmi/ Lakshmi Yantra
WEIGHT 100 gm approx
SIZE Height – 10 cm (4"), Length - 7 cm (3") Approx
COLOR Golden and Black
SHAPE & CUT Square

Product Description

Astha Laxmi hanging Yantras is very beneficial for getting all round success in all aspects of life. Goddess Laxmi is generally known as Deity of prosperity and wealth. Wealth is not just the currency. Beliefs and ethics of life are also wealth. Our family and growth is also wealth. Our possessions such as property, home, grains, animals etc as well as qualities like serenity, perseverance, purity etc in the form of a behavior are nothing but our wealth and so also splendor or success. Thus, this eightfold Sri Laxmi is known as Sri Astha Laxmi. Goddess Astha Laxmi is calm and kind provider of riches, so every home should have a holy place for her, as do workplaces. The presence of Astha Laxmi Yantrabrings good luck and riches.  Goddess Laxmi's eight appearances are-

 Adi Laxmi:
Adi Laxmi is one of the forms of Goddess Laxmi. She is the utmost Mother Goddess and therefore she is also known as Adi Shakti and she survives before everything else. She is beyond explanation and understanding. She is the womb that holds all life. Adi Laxmi symbolizes boundless nature. She is worshipped to preserve stability in life.

 Dhanya Laxmi:
Dhanya means grain wealth or grains. This contains all type of purified food including all necessary vitamins, protein, calcium, minerals, and carbohydrate. With the blessings of Mother Dhanya Laxmi, individual gets all necessary nutrients in grains, vegetables, fruits, and other food items.

Dhairya Laxmi:
This manifestation of Goddess Laxmi bestows the boon of endless courage and power. Those, who are in tune with endless internal strength, are always bound to have success. Those who worship Goddess Dhairya Laxmi they live and lead a life with great patience and internal stability.

Gaja Laxmi:
In the ancient scriptures, the tale of the churning of the sea by Deities and devils is explained in detail. It is believed that Maa Laxmi came out from the sea during the Samudra Manthan. So Maa Laxmi is known as a daughter of the sea. She came out of the sea sitting on a full-blooming lotus flower and also having lotus in both her hands with two Elephants by her both sides, who were holding lovely vessels filled with ambrosia, showering it over Maa Laxmi. Many times, we see Maa Laxmi standing in the lotus and Elephants are flowing ambrosia over her.

Santan Laxmi:
In the family life, the offspring are the greatest wealth. Those who worship this manifestation of Maa Laxmi, known as a Santan Laxmi, are granted with the grace of Mother Laxmi and have wealth in the form of intelligent and beautiful child with good wellbeing and longevity.

Vijay Laxmi:
Vijay is success. Maa Vijay Laxmi is worshipped to get victory in all activities and all different aspects of life. Some people are strong bodily but weak mentally; while others are economically wealthy but poor in their thoughts and cannot exert any power. Vijay is said to win everyone's heart. Vijay is said to celebrate magnificence of our good thoughts and defeat the bad thoughts. Vijay is the success in outside and inside wars our souls. Hence, those with grace of Maa Vijay Laxmi, have success everywhere, at all time, in all circumstances.

Dhana Laxmi:
Dhana is Money but as per Rigved´s Purush Shukta, Dhana is not only a wealth in money and currency. Even Sun and moon, rains and nature, oceans and mountains, fire and stars, rivers and streams, all these are our wealth, so are the offspring, our determination, our behavior and our qualities. With the blessings of Goddess Dhana Laxmi, one will get all these in large quantity.

Vidya Laxmi:
Vidya is education. Maa Vidya Laxmi is the Goddess of knowledge and understanding and helps to cast the regular life into the delightful Life. A life of good occupation, a life of sincerity for a fellow being, a life of donations and kindness, a life of wholesomeness, and a life with an ultimate aim of the awareness of the absolute is the only real education, which can come only with the blessings of Maa Vidya Laxmi.

Besides being potentiated with celestial Energy, by Āchary Kalki Krishnan himself, ‘AstroDevam’ do Pran Pratishtha of this Yantra with Vedic Mantras, beautifully combining with some other influential verses, prior sending  to you. Some of our respected consumers have been really benefitted by installing ‘Astro Vedic Hanging Astha Lakshmi Yantra’.

 Detailed procedure for hanging this Yantra and Mantra to be recited by you, which are very specific to this Yantra, are sent by ‘AstroDevam’ to you. Because, each soul is special and unique, so his requirements and problems; hence we at ‘AstroDevam’ do not trust in generalizing the things. Hence, we recommend Mantra  precise to this yantra only.
Be careful of so-called energized Hanging Shree Astha Laxmi Yantrassent by other online websites run by businesspersons, who have only earnings in their messy minds. Yantras by them are only engraved metal plates, not going to do anything good for you. To know, how ‘Astro Vedic Astha Laxmi Yantra Hanging’ is special from Yantras given by other sellers, please go through the segment ‘we are unique- a revelation’.

How to Hang this Yantra
  • You can hang Astha Laxmi Yantra Hanging in your car because this Yantra is engraved on both side of the plate.
  • You can also hang Astha Laxmi Yantra Hanging at your bag.
  • You can hang Astha Laxmi Yantra in your home temple.
  • You can hang Astha Laxmi Yantra on your house main entrance.
Hanging Ashta Laxmi Yantra Benefits
  • Astha Laxmi Yantra is very beneficial for getting Divine grace and blessings of all manifestations of Maa Astha Laxmi.
  • Astha Laxmi Yantra brings good fortune, luck, wealth and prosperity.
  • Astha Laxmi Yantra brings success in every aspects of life and also removes obstacles.
  • Astha Laxmi Yantra is very good for happy family life.


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