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Hazaribagh, the city of gardens
About the city of Hazaribagh
Hazaribagh is a city, which located in the Indian state of Jharkhand. According to historical records, Hazaribagh used to be a cantonment area for the British rulers from 1790 to 1884.According to experts, the name of this city was coined by amalgamating two different Persian words, Hazari , which means thousand, and Bagh means garden, which formed together the term, ‘The city of thousand gardens’ . As per geographical positioning, this city is located on the bank of Konar River, which is considered as an offshoot of Damodar River. Another specialty of this city is that here you will find the presence of dense forest. For this reason, from a long time, this site used to be a health resort for the travelers. This site is also famous as the second highest coal reservoir of India. The presence of pollution free environment makes this city one of the remarkable health resorts in Jharkhand.

Attractions of the town of Hazaribagh

    • Hazaribagh National park- This national park is a perfect destination for wildlife lovers. This park is located 19km away from the city Hazaribagh town. This 184sq km area covered national park is counted among the well-known sanctuaries of India. In this sanctuary, you will come to see wildlife animals like Sambhar, kakar, Cheetal, wild Boar, Nilgai. While travelling near this sanctuary, do not miss a chance to enjoy the tribal life of the surrounding area.
    • Rajrappa-This religious site is situated on the convergence of Damodar and Bhera rivers. This pious site has a temple to worship Goddess Chinnamastaka, Kali, Lord Hanuman and Astadhari. This is considered as one of the important religious sites in Hazaribagh.
    • Suraj Kund- This is a Hot Water Spring, located near Hazaribagh city. In this Kund, you will find all the restorative properties, which is measured as 87degree Celsius. Along with the Suraj Kund, you will notice other hot springs nearby this site, which are named as Sita Kund, Ram, Kund, Laxman Kund, and Bramh Kund.
    • Konar Dam- This dam is located 50 km away from the city. This dam is popular place for the travelers for its amazing landscapes. To reach this dam, a traveler needs to NH100 road from the Hazaribagh town
    • Canary Hills-This is one of the most popular sites located in Hazaribagh. This beautiful hill is encircled by the dense forest. On the foothill of the hill, you will find a beautiful lake. On the top part of the hill, you will get a rest house, which is also use as an observation tower to enjoy the fascinating wide spread view of the city. To reach this rest house. You need to climb stairs. Apart from offering an amazing view of the city, it is also known as the sunset point of this city.
    • Megalithcis of Hazaribagh- While exploring Hazari bagh and its panoramic locations please do not miss the chance to witness the megalithic located near the Baragaon region. According to archaeological experts, these megalithic were placed here in the ancient period for observing various astronomical factors. According to historians, through this megalithic, prehistoric people used to measure as well as see the movement of the planet Sun.

Shopping in Hazaribagh

Tribal Artifacts- As a large portion of Hazaribagh is covered by the tribal people, so while you visit this place, you will come across some brilliant sculptures and art work of the tribal people in local shops. This may be the best option, that you can buy ads a souvenir while traveling here.


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