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Healing Medicine Buddha Statue

laughing Buddha

The Healing Buddha Statue is also called as the Medicine Buddha. The Healing Buddha Statue is said to dispense positive energy when properly worshipped. It is also believed that an effective cure may be accomplished by only touching the Statue of Healing Buddha. In Tibet, it may be represented as a Buddha or as a Bodhisatwa. Healing Buddha Idol also conveys the ancient healing tradition.

Medicine Buddha as a Feng Shui Cure:-

    • Dispels Negative Energy- With the power to dispel negative energies, the Medicine/ Healing Buddha is a very powerful Feng Shui Statue. Feng Shui Medicine Buddha is the wonderful Feng Shui Option for those seeking for the suitable option to lessen the negativity from the surroundings.
  • Remedy for Health problem- The Healing Buddha Statue is an outstanding Feng Shui cure for the Health area of the home (Southeast zone). It is best to choose a statue of Medicine Buddha for this specific application. You can also place the statue of Healing Buddha in your personal lucky direction to improve health.
  • Spiritual Awareness- For Spiritual Growth & Personal Growth, the center of your home or Bagua area- Northeast can also be a suitable option. Our sickness mainly originates in our mind with the so-called three poisons (attachment, hatred and ignorance), it is good to have the Medicine Buddha spiritual and healing energy to control such poisons. 
  • Find Peace of Mind- Unfortunately, busy thoughts running nonstop and recurrently through our heads just like storm clouds that blocks true peace of mind. Want to get rid of such issue? Get a Feng Shui Healing Buddha Statue by

 The Buddha of Healing has the power to cure all the issues related to spiritual, physical or psychological health. The wonderful Medicine Buddha Statue is the perfect option if you need healing and if you are stressed or ill. Beautiful seated Healing Buddha Statues are also an appropriate option for businessmen and traders.

The Medicine Buddha Statue made of different colors with wonderful decoration gives it a more powerful presence. This Healing Buddha Statue by makes a peaceful and spiritual environment in your home.

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