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Healing Pendulum

Healing Pendulum

There are different types of healing pendulums; some are made of different metals and gemstones. Healing Pendulums can be used to find imbalances in the body, identify the flow of energy, or can be used for healing.

A commonly available shape, Pencil Healing Pendulum is a pointed pencil with smooth sides. The Pendulum like pencil pendulum is the perfect instrument that is used to help you do healings, to find answers and adjust seven chakras of the body.

7 Chakra Healing Stone Pendulum is made up of stones like Red Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Calcite, Golden Topaz, Green Jade, Amethyst and Turquoise. Each stone of Seven Chakra Stone Pendulum is connected to a specific chakra of the body and these stones cover all chakras.

7 Chakra Stone Pendulum is also called 7 Chakra Healing Pendulum and it can be used as a dowsing tool and to balance the seven chakras of the human body. A pendulum like 7 Chakra Healing Pendulum can be very useful to determine the root cause of a health disorder, and whether it originates at the physical, mental or emotional level.

Using Seven Chakra Stone Pendulum is a simple way to access divine assistance, and they give accurate results, if used correctly. The 7 Rainbow colors are associated with Seven chakras:

  • Violet: crown of the head, pituitary gland, represents universal energies.
  • Indigo: middle of forehead, pineal glands symbolizes forgiveness & sympathy.
  • Blue: throat, Thyroid gland represents physical & spiritual communication.
  • Green: heart, thymus gland and represents love and a sense of concern.
  • Yellow: solar plexus, adrenal gland signifies power and personality.
  • Orange: lower abdomen, pancreas gland represents emotion and sexuality.
  • Red: the base of the spine, gonads glands signifies survival


7 Chakra Stone Pendulum by is a perfect pendulum that is used to communicate with spirit via your higher self. This wonderful tool can be used to give assistance to make decisions about healing. 7 Chakra Stone Pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual healing.

  • Healing Pendulum connects you with your higher self, therefore it is important to bear in mind that these answers ultimately come from you.
  • Healing Pencil Pendulum guides you towards an objective and focuses on further development in life.
  • The proper use of a pencil pendulum can impressively enhance accuracy. The difficulty of using a healing pendulum is to completely clear your conscious and unconscious thoughts from your mind. 
  • You can also use the pendulum as the most important tool to gather information from which you can make well informed choices.
  • Pencil Pendulums have favoured human beings over the years, and at times were feared. As, in addition to its positive traits, there is a lot of misconceptions about the use of Pendulum even today – fears that make some people doubtful of their mystic “power”. But, there is nothing to fear here.
  • It is totally human energy, working in concert with the universe around you that makes the Pencil Pendulum swing in an expressive way.
  • It could be said that it improves the intuitive level because it converts the subtleties of the intuition into a clear form of physical motion.
  • Healing Pencil Pendulum can give you info from the sources of the intuition: from your subconscious mind; and from your spirit, or guardian angel.

According to our Experts the perfect way to begin identifying the states of the chakras is to use a Pendulum. A pendulum like Pencil Dowsing Pendulum by acts as an amplifier for the perfect flow of energy produced by each chakra. Observing how this mystic energy manifests in the swing of the Pendulum can give you a great deal of information about your chakras of the Body.

You can maximize use these Healing Pendulum as a powerful spiritual tool. With more and more practice, you can become expert in suing Spiritual Pendulum better to read chakras and improve the psychic abilities.



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