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Hilsa, the land of freedom fighters
An Overview of Hilsa
Hilsa is a sub-division of the district Nalanda in the Bihar state. It is well known as a centre for Buddhist knowledge. Hilsa is actually located about 24 km south east of Patna. The area was really important for the independence of India and produced many freedom fighters.

History of Hilsa
Based on the legendary stories, when Sri Krishna along with his brother Balaram reached this place during the journey, he felt thirsty.  Balaram took the initiative to dig the ground and looked for water. The place from that time onwards became popular as “Pakki Talab” and the same is located nearby Kaali Asthan. This pond is having plenty of water and hence the place got the final name as Haldharpur (Hilsa).

Places of visit in Hilsa

    • Hanuman Temple: The Hanuman temple is really a popular attraction of Hilsa town which is solely dedicated to the idol of Hanuman. Devotees generally go to the temple for daily prayers.
    • Jama Masjid: This mosque is situated in the heart of the town. The mosque is considered as the main attraction of this town.
    • Kali Mandir: The Kali temple is always flocked by several devotees on the festive occasion. It is quite common for the local people to visit the temple in large numbers. Even tourists do visit this temple as it is near to the city centre. The temple is constructed beautifully which represents the Mauryan architecture. It is devoted to the Goddess Kali. The idol is beautifully decorated with different costly ornaments. People do visit the temple with lots of prayers and devotion.
    • Narmdeshawar Sthan: It is the temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. During special festive occasion this temple attracts large number of devotees. Especially Shaivites visit the temple. Daroga Khan well situated within the temple premises. The temple is devoted to one incarnation of Shiva. Devotees are seen in performing several special pujas during the time of Mahashivratri.
    • Old Shiva Temple: This temple is the oldest one which is also dedicated to Lord Shiva. Especially this temple is crowded by the several people on the day Shivratri.
    • Surya Mandir: It is situated in the city of Hilsa and it is quite popular. It is considered as a Hindu shrine. The pilgrims and devotees visit the places from several places. The temple is dedicated to Sun God who is worshipped by the Hindus as Surya Bhagawan. It is very common that many devotees start the day by Surya namaskaar in the temple. It has great historical importance.
    • Varun Tal Lake: It is a popular lake in this place. It is visited by many tourists from several places all over India. The scenery of the lake is picturesque.
    • Dargah Shareef Tomb: The Tomb of Hazrat Jati Shah is a really famous who was buried there. The popular attraction is for the Dargah Shareef of Hilsa town where the devotees from near and far come for the saint’s blessings and then to fulfill their wishes. There are so many places to visit by many tourists in the place named Hilsa. So it is quite popular for the tourists to visit these places and it is a religious attraction.

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