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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Have you ever noticed how physically and mentally refreshed you feel after sitting by a waterfall? Or in what way you experience an increase in energy after spending some time at a natural seafront? Now, there is a method to mimic these flawless circumstances in your indoor places and own home where you spend a lot of time.

Himalayan salt lamps have the gift to chemically and physically transform a room, and have exceptional healing effects. Available in various sizes, colours and shapes, a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp not only looks welcoming and warm, but it has advantageous health properties.

Did you ever think that a Himalayan Salt Lamps in your office or home naturally boosts your indoor air quality by augmenting healthy negative ions? Each Himalayan Salt Lamp is exceptional and hand engraved using salt extracted from the hills of the Himalayan Mountains.

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Rock Salt lamps are large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt with a tiny bulb inside. It can be solid pieces of saltor in the form of decorative baskets filled with large salt crystals. It is vital to make sure that the Salt lamp is from a pure Himalayan source and not a low-priced imitation made from rock salt.Himalayan Rock salt lamps are made from pure Himalayan salt crystals.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps Benefits:

  • It increases chi
  • It helps in eliminating allergens
  • It supports the immune system
  • It also improves mental alertness
  • It augments serotonin levels
  • It boosts general well-being

How Do Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps Work?

The heat from a salt lamp attracts moisture. The evaporation of water through Rock salt lamps emits negative ions. A night-light sized Himalayan Rock salt lamp would be efficient for an office cubicle. Naturally, the large area of residence means a bigger lamp is needed so that more negative ions will be released. Negative ions purify the air by removing dust, bacteria and pollen.

They also offset the special effects of positive ions produced by electronics such as televisions and computers. Today, when artificial products surround us, Himalayan Rock salt lamp is a unique product, worth to be had at household.

Beware of artificial and chemically treated Salt Lamps available on the commercial websites. These are just decoration pieces; not going to create any benefit at all. For genuine and authentic Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamps, only order at 

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