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Hubli- a parallel city to Bangalore easing of the pressure of the city
An overview of Hubli
Hubli a place in the southern part of India in Karnataka, Hubli after Bangalore is one of the largest growing cities in India. Hubli primarily called to be Hubballi in the region is located in the outskirts of Bangalore, where a major part of the immigrants had been outing up after the Bangalore over population. Hubli which means a flowery creeper had been taking all the responsibility of a major part of the people of all across India and abroad. It is here in Hubli where the government plans to make the further settlements of the state for immigrants and also for the industries to grow.

Hubli could be reached by any of the major communication of train bus and airways it’s a major neighbor to Bangalore with just a difference of few kilometers. Rayara Hubli became a centre for trade under the leadership of Vijayangara Rayas. The Hubli then began the trade with cotton, saltpeter and iron. The British took Hubli into their own hands from the Pesewa in the year of 1817. Probably being the last of the few states that were left to be conquered. The rulers in Hubli had shown a stern resistance over the British and had not allowed them to enter the grounds of Hubli till the said year in 1817, just few years before independence.

Hubli and the place of visit for the tourists:
Nrupatunga Hill: The Nrupatunga Hill in Hubli is one of the major picnic spots in the area and the tourists turn down in each weekend to have pollution free stay over there.

The Unkal Lake: The Unkal Lake is just another treat to watch in Hubli, the city of Hubli is just surrounded by the Unkal Lake which had been a life line for water tanks in the region. Many tourists in the region are found to have a nice long wait and watch system at the Unkal Lake. The lake is primarily at a distance of three kilometers from the main town of Hubli. The lake has recreational facilities for the kids and also for the seniors it has the boating facilities to enjoy.

Indira Gandhi glass house garden: The city of Hubli is also having a glass house that is named after the late prime minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi, known as the Indira Gandhi glass house garden. The garden comprises of the idea of green revolution and thus making the citizens aware of the idea regarding trees and plants. The glass house is also a major point of attraction for the commoners who would like to know about the trees. The museum having full information over the trees that are in the area, can be a must visit for nature lovers.

Things to buy for the tourist:
Local handicrafts: Hubli provides some of the best spaces for the shop hoppers who would want to shop at any moment. Hubli is filled with the best of the regional handicrafts which are being sold at many small shops in the localities. Moreover many small and large handicrafts and various other regional things are sold in the artificial banks of the Unkal Lake, where the hawkers and the visitors are duly accommodated.


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