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Igatapuri, the wonderland of Maharashtra
Introduction of the city of Igatapuri
Igatapuri is one of the most interesting hill located traveling destination near Mumbai. This hill town is located on the beautiful lap of the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra state. This beautiful hill side location area is encircled by the highest peak of Sayadhri Mountain range. Apart from its fascinating surroundings, this city offers a large number of forts, which were built in the time of Satvahana dynasty. While traveling this city, you will experience the brilliant experience of Nasik Mumbai railway route over the beautiful falls of Igatapuri.

Interesting locations in Igatapuri

    • Bhasta River valley-This beautiful basin is located on the verge of Thal Ghat. This site can be described as the gateway to Igatapuri. Here you can notice the beautiful green surroundings and a breathtaking view of the Bhasta River among the rocks.
    • Arthur Lake- this beautiful lake is located one km away from the Igatapuri. For its picaresque surroundings, this lake is often described as dads the jewel of Igatapuri which is created from the Pravara river.
    • Kalsubai Peak- This peak is located 35 km away from the Igatapuri town. This is considered as the uppermost peak of Western Ghats mountain range.
    • Ghantadevi temple-This shrine is located at the entrance of the Igatapuri town. To go to this temple, you need to cross the camel valley. According to the local people, Ghantadevi is considered as the protector of the Iugatapuri town. Apart from its religious importance, this shrine is a popular site for its picaresque background.
    • Amruteswar temple-This ancient temple is dedicated to worship Lord Shiva. As per various records, it said that this holy place was built in 11th century AD. This temple is encircled by the lush green landscapes and the Kalsubai, the highest peak of Western Ghats mountain range.
    • Tringalwadi fort-This castle is located 3000ft above sea level. This beautiful fort is constructed by following the Turban structural design. This lush green background located fort is a well-liked destination for trekkers.
    • Dhamma Giri Meditation centre- This peaceful meditation centre is known for teaching the Vipasana courses of meditation, which was introduced by Lord Buddha before 2,500 years ago. The beautiful big golden Pagoda is the midpoint of attraction located nearby this meditation math. It is considered as the landmark of Igatapuri city. For the combination of beautiful nature and peaceful surroundings, attract a large number of tourists from different locations to splurge some peaceful moment in their life in this place.
    • Camel valley- This valley is located only a few miles away from the Bhasta River. While traveling this valley, you will find a beautiful rain made waterfall on the other part of this valley. This 100ft tall, water fall is one of the major attractions of this city.
    • Madangad Mountain-This Mountain is a part of the Western Ghats mountain range. While traveling this mountain, you will find a beautiful hole on the western side of the Western Ghat mountain range. On this mountain, you will find the ruins of a primordial fort, which can be reached by trekking.
    • Avanda Fort- This fort is positioned on 4300 above the sea level. In this fort you will find stunning rock cut caves. To reach this fort, you have to to trek.

Shopping in Igatapuri
Religious books- As this city is delimited by nature, therefore, you will get very few options for buying anything. However, you can assemble some Viapasana meditation related guidebook from this city’s nearby religious shops.


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