Importance of using Original Parad Mala/ Rosary

Parad has been considered as an auspicious and pure metal, which not only has medical importance but also has religious significance. Parad in the form of the Rosary is very powerful as it can cure several ailments. It is also said that the keeping Parad beads close to the body bring success in any venture.

According to Ancient Vedas Parad Mala (Rasamani) is the most auspicious and pure metal that helps to achieve health, wealth, prosperity and good fortune. If you lack happiness, health, success and wealth in your life, then you should start wearing Parad Gutika Mala. Its power and good vibrations help in destroying all negative aspects and also help you to get success in every phase of life.

Significance of Parad Mala (Gutika)

  • Worshipping Padrasam Beads proves beneficial in Scientific as well as in Ayurveda.
  • Parad Mala (Gutika) has the power to control several diseases such as Ashthma, High Blood Pressures, Diabetes and also increase Sex power
  • Parad Mala also helps its user to control heart diseases
  • Parad Rosary helps the worshipper who is financially, mentally, physically and intellectually ill.
  • Regular worshipping using Parad (Padrasam) Mala  helps in keeping Maa Laxmi always at home
  • Worship with Parad rosary helps in bringing instant wealth, fortune, position, fame and name in the life of the wearer.
  • Meditation with Parad Rosary helps in Spiritual upliftment.
  • Parad Rosary also destroys the chance for sudden death and any sort of poverty.
  • By the counting of Parad beads even the henious sin of Gau-hatya, Bramhin-hatya, Bal-hatya (Dosha due to the killing of a cow, priest or kids in earlier births) will be completely washed off.

According to Bramha-Puranas those, who wear or, does Japa (reciting the Mantra) the Parad Rosary devotedly, whether one is a Male, Female, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Bramhin or Shurdra, gets full materialistic pleasures and finally attains supreme destination (moksha). It is also believed that worshipping and chanting any Mantra with Parad Mala/ Rosary brings wellness and fortune. Mercury Beads in the Rosary has great significance in Ayurveda and has proven to be the best in terms of destroying all negative aspects surrounded by the wearer and their family.

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