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Indrani Yantra

Indrani Yantra

The Indrani Yantra is a must if you are in to business. It is said that it helps businessmen to achieve success in business. It is believed that this Yantra is very effective and important for every business and house premises. The Yantra has magical and good fortune powers inscribed on it. Hence, it releases positive vibrations which are very important in an individual’s life. The Yantra brings all positive vibrations in your life thus leading a success in business. The Sri Vastu dosh Nashak Vypaar Vridhi Indrani MahaYantra has four powerful Vaastu Yantra such as Dikdosh Nashak, Grihdosh Nivarak Vaastu chakra, Vaastu dosh Nashak and Vaastu dosh Nashak Vyapar Vriddhi Indrani Yantras.

Significance of Indrani Yantra

  • The Indrani Yantra has powerful Vastu inscribed that brings good fortune in individual’s life
  • The Yantra has good flow of energy that is very important in leading a success in any business
  • The Yantra is also useful in bringing prosperity, wealth and happiness if place in house and business premises
  • The Indrani Yantra diminish all evil intentions from your enemies so that you have lead a blissful life
  • It also helps the worshipper to face all obstacles that comes in business as well as in personal relationships.

Sthapna of Indrani Yantra

  • The Indrani Yantra should be placed in business and house premises followed with complete rituals
  • It is advisable to place this Yantra early morning by keeping fast
  • Place this Yantra facing east ward directions to receive blessings from Indrani.
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