Is Manglik Boon or Bane?

Manglik is boon or bane? First of all, we need to understand the basics of the term Manglik or Mangal Dosh, Today in this article, I am going to simplify this question and also try to solve the misconception about the term Manglik Dosh.

Who is Manglik?

In Vedic Astrology, it is said that people are said to be Manglik or has active Mangal Dosh in his/her Kundli (Horoscope), If the Mangal Grah is placed in either first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth houses of their Lagna or lunar chart. These houses have different meanings related to life, such as houses 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th represent self-obsessed, money & passion, home & mental peace, marriage, long life, and subconscious mind respectively. Planet Mars is considered malefic when it is placed in any of the aforementioned houses, and it leads to tension, dissatisfaction, and disasters in married life.

Manglik Dosh aspects

Manglik Dosh is related with planet Mars. Mangal is a very aggressive planet and represents self-obsession, temperament, ego, and strife in the nature of a person. If it is situated in those specific houses of your kundli, the person could be aggressive and violent in nature. Such kinds of nature could harm you to lose relationships with your partner and lead you to divorce.

How to know you are Manglik or not?

Your horoscope determines whether you are Manglik or not. Your horoscope is based on your date of birth, time and place of birth. A good astrologer can help and guide you in this after deep analysis of your horoscope.

Misconceptions about Manglik Dosh

In our society, there is a huge misconception running all around especially about marriage and Manglik Dosh. These are some common myths:

  • A Manglik girl should marry Manglik boy only: This rumor is very common in our society, which is totally irrelevant without any base. In astrology, it is just a myth.

  • Your husband or any family member will die: This is also a very common myth and spread everywhere that, if a Manglik Girl marries a non-Manglik boy then his husband or any other family member will die.

  • Unsuccessful Marriage: This is also another type or rumor which is widely spread everywhere. But the success of your marriage completely depends on you and your partners understanding and compatibility. Mangal dosh is not going to determine it.

  • Before marrying groom marry with a tree: The priests usually tell you to do this as all problems are attached with 1st marriage only. So when you marry your groom it becomes your second marriage, which is believed to removes all your problems related to your Manglik Dosh.

  • Tuesday born: Some people also say that if you are born on Tuesday or a day ruled by Mangal then you are Manglik. This is also a rumor. however, in astrology, these are false words.


Well, after going through various aspects and understanding the subject matter. It is now crystal clear that being Manglik is neither boon nor bane. It is a curable subject, so we don’t need to get panic over such a situation.

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