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Jabalpur, an epicenter for the traditions in our country and the centre of Indian defense
An overview of Jabalpur:
Apath way to the miraculous marble rocks the city of Jabalpur marks to be a major city in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. The Jabalpur not being one of the major industrial cities in India, the city still holds to be a traditional fashion for the country. Jabalpur however may be insignificant for many reasons as there stands to be no proper development of the industries and still there are places where new ages of technology is still to reach, yet the city is significant to the entire country.

The government of India many years back had developed the gun shell factory in Jabalpur which is a real root for the Indian defense at the borders. The Jabalpur is quite significant looking at the defense of the country as the city is geographically located at the centre. Here in Jabalpur the army other the gun shells also make the tatra trucks used by the army in the hills and dangerous terrains of the country. The city of Jabalpur had been a place where many people had their origination from. The city had been covered by the haihayas a tribe of the central India which had their existence in the 675 BC. The haihayas were ruled by raja Mandalink of the Parmar dynasty. Later the city of Jabalpur was taken over by the Britishers as it had the gateway to many parts of the Indian forests.

The tourism in Jabalpur a major livelihood for many:
Marble rocks:The Jabalpur also marks the epical marble rocks which stands to be a mystery to many. The dhuwa ghat and the bheda ghat had been an awe to tons of foreign tourist and also too many Indians who sees that for the first time.

PachmariThe Jabalpur city had also been another gateway to the place of Paachmari which had been the awe for the British. The British had restricted the entry of the common Indians to Paachmari till the very end of their rule. Jabalpur now marks the entry of that beautiful place.

Bargi Dam: Constituted over the river Narmada the dam was built under the Rani Avanti Bai Lodhi Sagar project. Located in the Jabalpur Nagpur highway-67, the dam marks to be an important place of visit in the region.

Bandhavgarh national park: Jabalpur marks as a gate way to the great Indian jungles of Central India which is known as the den of Indian Tigers and deadly snakes which look beautiful when handled with care. Bandhavgarh is one of them and the place is famous for the tigers over there.

Kanha national park: The Kanha national park is also another delight for the visitors. The visitors visiting the place can get a tinge of many animals other than the tigers.

Kachnar City :The city of Kachnar located in the outskirts of the Jabalpur is famous for the 23 meter statue of lord Shiva

Things to buy for the tourist:
Marble handicrafts: Jabalpur marks the market for the mammoth of the marble industry where people can buy handicrafts, merchandise made of marble. Marble in Jabalpur had been a great source of industry though no specific industrial plans are made for the development of marble in the region.


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