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Junagarh, the city of fort
Few lines about the city of Junagarh
This city is recorded as the seventh largest city in Gujarat. According to various evidences, it can be confirmed that this town used to be the capital city of Gujarat in previous years. Nowadays, this city is the administrative centre of this state. The popularity of this city is always linked up with its ancient Junagad fort, which is located in the centre of this city. As per the evidences of this fort, it can be decided that the fort was built in the time of King Chandragupta, the Valliant ruler of Mauryan Dynasty in 319BCE. The beautiful structural design of this fort reveals the excellence of the architectural base of Mauryan dynasty. Another interesting factor behind traveling this Arabian Sea located, hill encircled city is that, only here you can see the rare species of the Asiatic lions. Apart from this, the copper, brass vessel making industries and Gold and silver artwork embroidery always placed this town in the top traveling destination in the art lovers’ chart.

Attractive sites in Junagarh

    • Junagarh Fort- This castle is known for its ancient architecture. After entering inside this fort, you will come to view the rooms with fabulous paintings’, decorations and a reflection of the early period. The carvings on the sandstone walls make the rooms of this castle more appealing.
    • Moti Bagh-This big garden of the city covers an area of 2,485 hectares place. Though in ancient period, this garden used to be a beautiful location ornate with flower plants, but now this site is known for housing the Botanical Garden and Agricultural University of this city.
    • Science Museum- This museum is well known as the first science museum in Gujarat. This science museum is now known for working with 60 different science projects. Apart from the scientific collections, here you will get a beautiful aquarium and a garden restaurant.
    • Darbar hall Museum- If you are interested to witness the artifacts of the bygone era of Gujarat, then The Nawab of Junagarh belonged museum is known for having a large collection of palanquins, arm gallery, painting gallery, textile gallery, thrones, magnificent collections of weaponry , outfit collection, tapestries and other home décor materials inside this museum.
    • Damodar Kund-This holy bathing cistern is located in the valley of the Girnar Mountain. It is believed that during the journey, the outfit of Lord Shiva and Parvati fell inside this water pond, which was built in 500 AD by the grandson of Lord Krishna, Vajranabha. Near this water pond, you will find the beautiful temple of lord Damodarji.
    • Jami masjid- This is one of the well known religious sites of Junagardh. The 140 pillar based sepulcher, makes this shrine of Muslims makes it as one of the major attractions in this city. The decorated Maqbara of this religious site are dated back to 19th century. While exploring this mosque, you will come across various ancient archaeological materials like palanquins, crystal chandelier, silver chains and elephant riding Howdahs. On the ceiling of this mosque, you will amaze to see the silver minaret works.

Shopping in Junagarh

        • Kesar keri- here you can buy the delicious Kesar keris from the local shop.
      • Artworks- As this city always unleashed its brilliant designs on silver and gold embroidery works, so if money is not a matter for you, then can collect one of these wonderful creations of art.

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