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Kadappa -A region of Andhra Pradesh keeping all traditions alive
An overview of the region:
Kadappa a region from AP formerly known as the cuddaph which means a threshold or that of a gate, the region is a part of the Rayalseema, which had been duly ruled by the Chola dynasty in the past. Presently the region is covered by the span of 412 km of the area and is bordered by the Penna River to its south and Hyderabad in the aside. The region surrounded by hills in all the sides and the hills are nallamala and palkonda. The city is named as gate as it’s a threshold to the sacred hills of Tirumala. Kadappa has seen the change of guards in its history previously being the part of the Chola dynasty later on the region was taken over by the Vijayangara Empire.

The Kadappa region had also been a part of the Muslim empire during the tughlaq rules and there are still signs of the Muslim emperor and their rules as the place still marks of the Muslim rule. Geographically Kadappa is located at  14.476^o N and 78.82^o E. the place is on an average elevation of 138 m at par with the Eastern Ghats. The region has a well collaboration system of education all through and the students are well developed to be a part of shinning India. The students under the development schemes are offered a quality education in its colleges which began in the name of the “yojnas” in the country. The students who fair well in the examination had been having quality future in the IT’s of Hyderabad.

  Prominent places of visit in the region:
Penna River: Tourist visiting the Penna River can spend lot of time in the region as the banks of Penna are well organized and oriented with the ambience of the river. The tourist visiting the place can have a great time in the region. And thus make the visit a great and a memorable one.

Kishkindakanda: A place of historical relevance again. The place marks its association with the Ramayana where the several khandas are believed to have happened to have happened in the region. The guides in the region can show traces and signs which would be of enough proof for the tourist to believe that the place is of historical importance. The guides in the region that is the local youths have made it their profession as a guide where they had been helping the tourist identify the places of historical importance. The tourist in the region can make stops while they had been going to other places of interest.

What to buy in Kadappa:
Tobacco: Andhra Pradesh is world famous for its quality of tobacco that it produces and the Kadappa is no different to it as it has traces of tobacco industry into it too. The tobacco industry had been flourishing as many tourists in the region buys good quality tobacco and makes it a part of their consumption. The flourish in the entire state had been basing entirely of the tobacco and thus it is a main point of business for many into the state.


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