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Kalidas Jayanti

 Kalidas Jayanti

Kalidas Jayanti –The Celebration of India’s Greatest Sanskrit Poet
Kalidas is an eminent personality for their greatest Sanskrit poems and dramas. He is a noted poet hailed “Kalidas Meghaduta” as one of the greatest poems in the world. Kalidas Jayanti is celebrated every year on 1st November to commemorate this famous personality. There are numerous works attributed to his authorship.

Life of Kalidas
Kalidas was born in the 4th century in the Nagpur region. The main attraction about him that most of the people realized was the sheer interest in writing poems and describing things with the words. He spent entire life by writing Sanskrit poems on various topics. The poems collections are based on the beauty of the surrounding. He had written some of the best works in the society. Meghdoot is one of the fantastic works that have included the serene beauty with the employ of poetry and words only. His writings influence so many people and hence his works were converted to English from Sanskrit languages. Malavikagnimitram, Abhijnanasakuntalam and Vikramorvasiyam are the three famous plays written by Kalidas. These three plays are still appreciated among the avid writers.

Kalida’s Work and his contribution
He is also considered as the poet of romance or beauty. He was expert at both. He knows how to elaborate the serenity of the surrounding in words and poems. He was not only good in his works but was clear about his thoughts. His observation was subtle and simple. He had a good sound of knowledge of the scriptures. He was well observant about the human and nature from in and out. His works are beautifully scripted. In his work he has always mentioned beautiful and serene ashramas, gardens, banks, deer, rivers, cuckoo and many more. He also had good knowledge about human psychology. He exactly knows what thing he should give importance.

Celebration of Kalidas Jayanti
Kalidas has always been associated with the culture, art and poetry. People belonging to Maharashtra are very well known about Kalidas poetry and his works. They celebrate Kalidas Jayanti every year with great enthusiasm. At many places, there are special programs arranged to commemorate this eminent person. At the event you can witness some of the amazing dances, songs, dramas and other musical shows organized on this day. The celebrations are amazing and people participate in this event who appreciates poems. Kavi Samelan is also organized in various parts of India.

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