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Kasauli simply adds to the beauty of the Himalayas
Kasauli- an overview on the place:
Kasauli is a cantonment region in the Himachal Pradesh, is located in the Solan district of the state. In 1842 the cantonment was established by the British, they started using the place as a colonial Hill station. The place is at a distance of 77 kilometers from Shimla and 65 kilometers from Chandigarh. It lies at a height of 1800 meters above the sea level. According to the census that was held in 2001, the region was populated with a small crowd of 4994 males, and another 44% of females into the region. Kasauli is having a quality literacy rate of 80%, which is quite more than any of the parts in India. Kasauli has a moderate climate most of the times. The summers are mild and the temperature do not rise more than the 32o Celsius, however during the winter the temperature goes down till 2o Celsius. The total rainfall, the region faces is 1020 millimeters. Kasauli have been a great notch for the tourists. The tourists are attracted to the place simply because of its natural beauty and also for the elegance of the Himalaya’s that the region has.

The prominent places to visit in the Kasauli region:
Baptist Church: The Baptist Church at Kasauli was made in the year of 1923. The church is situated in the Sadar Bazaar region of Kasauli. According to many it is a fine example of the colonial architecture that is present in the church. However in 2008 a devastative fire destroyed all the intricate designs inside the church. The church holds a great tourist value as many people all across the country hop in to Kasauli and pays the church a visit.

Christ Church: The Christ church in the region is a much older church than the Baptist Church. This particular church was made in the year of 1853, four years before the 1st war of independence. The church holds a great tourist value as it contains Spanish and Italian stained glass window depicting Jesus and mother Marry. The tourists visiting Kasauli can spend some hours into the Church and enjoying themselves the intricacies of such an old church.

Gurudwara of Shree Guru Nanak: The Gurudwara of shree Guru Nanak ji is located in the Gharkhal region of Kasauli. The Sikhs visiting the place duly pays heir homage here. However the Gurudwara is open to all people belonging from all the communities.

Kasauli Brewery: The Brewery stands to be the most interesting place at Kasauli. It was founded in the year of 1820. The brewery was formed much before the formation of the Cantonment. The Kasauli brewery marks to be the oldest brewery in Asia. The brewery also has a name called to be the Mohan Meakins. Any tourist visiting Kasauli do not miss the brewery.

Things to buy in Kasauli:
Scotch and whiskey: The tourist in the region can buy some wine merchandise from the brewery. The brewery offers some of the best scotch and whiskey in Asia. Many tourists, who are interested in alcohol, can buy the drinks from the brewery at very competitive prices, yet they get the best quality alcohol.


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