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Khajjiar: The mini Indian Switzerland as depicted by the Swedish Chancery 
An overview of Khajjiar:
Khajjiar is situated the Himachal Pradesh of India in the Chamba district. The place is duly known as the mini Switzerland of India, as it has enormous natural beauty of the Himalaya’s. The snow mountain peaks that the region has are always a great tourist destination for tourists all over the globe. The Khajjiar region is in between the town of Chamba and Dalhousie; tourists mostly visit Khajjiar from Dalhousie and proceed towards Chamba. The tourist guides and tour managers definitely keep Khajjiar as one of the points of visit during packaged tours. The region of Khajjiar has many residing facilities including hotels and home stays which allows tourists to enjoy the place to their fullest. The place is one of the peaks of Dhauladhar Mountains and is situated at about 6500 feets above the sea level. On 7th July 1992 the vice Chancellor of Head chancery of Switzerland in India had termed the region a mini Switzerland. He gave the place a sign board of a yellow Swiss hiking footpath, showing the distance of the place from the Swiss capital of Berne to be 6194 km. Khajjiar is one of the 160 destinations all over the globe which has a Swiss touch in their surroundings. The locals in Khajjiar offer various activities like the paragliding, skiing and many others in the region which acts as a source of income to them.

Prominent places to visit from Khajjiar
Chamba: Chamba is another beautiful place that the tourists can visit from Khajjiar. The tourists residing in Khajjiar can take a tourist car and visit Chamba. The region of Chamba is actually a gateway to many trekking spots. Many trekkers trek from Chamba to various peaks to the Himalaya’s. Chamba however offers the tourist a great site of a local river flowing with great speed. Many tourists visit Chamba only to see the undulating river. Chamba also offers a huge local park where the tourists can spend a quality time with each other while they enjoy the enormous beauty of the region.

Dalhousie: The tourist residing in Khajjiar can easily go about the place and visit Dalhousie. The place would offer the tourist local sightseeing which would definitely fetch interest to the tourists. The tourists visiting Dalhousie can visit the century old local church which would be a treat to watch. The church is made over a small hill and is very small in size yet it is having minute intricacies in the designing and the architecture.

Khajjiar Lake: The lake of Khajjiar is one of the prime notes of interest in the region. The tourist visiting Khajjiar never misses the Khajjiar Lake. There are bus services available from the Khajjiar Lake which varies from time to time depending over the tourist demands.

The Khajjiar temple: Khajjiar temple is also another fine attraction to many.  Just at a stone throwing distance from the lake there the Khajjiar temple is found. The temple is a shrine of lord Khajji nag, a local belief, the temple is inscribed by the stories of the Pandavas. The temple complex has the winning Pandavas and the defeated Kauravas hanging from the circumambulatory path.


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