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Khandala, the city lush green background
Few lines about the hill station of Khandala
Khandala is a beautiful and charming hill station of Maharashtra. This city is located on the Western Ghats region. This hill city is known as one of the popular traveling site in Maharashtra for its brilliant green surroundings. If you want to spare few days away from the shrill sounds and pollution, then this city is the best option for you. It will not only treat your mind through its amazing locations, but you will feel rejuvenated by its fresh and calm milieu. For this peaceful juxtaposition of nature and peaceful environment draws a large number of tourists from different regions of the world. From a long time this hill city is known as a popular weekend destination which is located at the end point of Bhor Ghat. Alongside its brilliant surroundings, this city is a well liked place for the hiking and other adventurous activities.

Places to see in Khandala

    • Duke’s Noise- This acme of Khandala offers an astounding outlook of the Khandala city. This peak is located 27km away from this city. According to many, this place is named after the name of Duke Wellington. The interesting thing of this name is related with nose is that, the peak looks like a pointed nose of a human being.
    • Bhaja caves- According to experts this rock cut cavern is dated back to 2nd century. The architecture pattern reveals that this fort was built by following the influence of the Buddhist rock cut architecture. According to experts, this group of 22 rock cut caves is count among other ancient rock cut caves. These beautiful wonder of architecture is spread from the eastward region of Arabian Sea to Deccan region. Inside this cave, you will come to see the carved images of various deities. In this cave, you will find a shrine, which is clustered by the Circumambulation pathways.
    • Shivaji park-This big playground is now transformed into an attractive park in 1956.Inside this park, you will come across the relic of the intrepid ruler Shivaji. It is an ideal place for traveling and family picnic.
    • Visapur Fort-this 4004 ft above the sea level located fort is surrounded by a plateau area. This fort is popular for its sturdy walls and amazing wall carvings. According to historical records this Maratha dynasty built fort was a view point of King Shivaji to check the downhill regions of this fort. This semi circular pass located fort is an ideal location for trekking activities.
    • Lohagad Fort- This fort is located 1,052 ft the sea level. This fort is situated on the Sahyadri hill range. This fort was built in between 1742- 1800AD. This fort had witnessed the ruling of different dynasts named Satvahanas, Chalukya, Yadavas, Rashtrakutas, Bahamanis Mughals and Marathas. For this variable ruling of this fort by different dynasts, transform it as one of the major historical site in Maharashtra.
    • Bedsa Cave-When you visit this cave, will be amazed to see its brilliant pillars and its structural versatility. Based on various evidences it is said that this cave is dated from 60 BC. According to experts, this fort may be 1000 years old. The sturdy construction of this fort by using 25 ft pillars makes it an interesting historical example of architecture.

This to Buy in Khandala
Sculpture works- From this beautiful hill station; you may buy the exotic art crafts that are made by using stones or woods.


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