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Kinnaur: A mesmerizing holiday destination you will fall in love with
If you want a holiday packed with adventure, fun, natural beauty, picture perfect views, peaceful surroundings and mystic charm, Kinnaur is just the best place for you. There are monasteries, temples, landscapes, lakes and great culture which you can explore while holidaying in Kinnaur. This is a breathtaking place where the local culture still has its essence and you can easily feel that. A visit in Kinnaur will add great experience and freshness to your mind. Each year several tourists visit here in order to seek inner peace and enlightenment. 

History of the district of Kinnaur:
As far as the history of Kinnaur is concerned, there is not much information available. According to the local legendry tales, it is said that there are some mythological connection of Kinnaur with the epics and myths.  Little is known about the history of the place Kinnaur, except for the fact that it was once known as Kanaurra or Kinnaura. There are, however, legendary stories and myths among the locals related to the existence of a historic past here.

Culture of Kinnaur:
Kinnaur has Tribal culture and till now polyandry is practiced here. In the old times, due to the geographical and economic reasons polyandry was introduced. With the level of education up surging, now this practice is losing its hold, but still there are some families where it is still practiced. People living in Kinnaur are mostly Buddhists or Hindus and because of this reason here you will find a mixture of monasteries as well as temples. The people from Kinnaur have well preserved their art, culture and history and by making a visit here you will surely attain knowledge of the great culture.

Places to visit in Kinnaur
Morang is a small village in Kinnaur which is famous for its beautiful and breathtaking beauty plus the apricot and delicious apple orchards. Morang is situated on the hill top of the Sutlej River at a distance of 3591m. According to the locals there is a connection of the battle of Mahabharata with Kinnaur and it adds to the historic significance to this place. There is an old fort in Morang and now there are several temples here which are dedicated to several Gods.

Nako Lake:
The Nako Lake is a serene and beautiful lake which is one of the most famous tourist spots in Kinnaur. This lake is located in the small town, which is named as Nako. During most of the months, this lake is covered with snow and by visiting this awesome attraction, you will get one of its kind experience. You can enjoy an entire day here with family or friends.

Sangla Valley:
Known for its panoramic view and the natural beauty, Sangla valley is truly blessed by Mother Nature. This exotic location is one of the most charming places in entire Kinnaur. Here you can check out a temple which attracts tourists visiting here. If you would love to take a dip inside the natural beauty, Sangala Valley is just too amazing place. We will recommend you to try adventure activities like trekking, crossing the river, and camping overnight.

One of the most famous pilgrim spot in Kinnaur, Rarang is the place where the newly built Tashi Choeling Monastery is located. We will recommend you to visit this place for sure. As it is the place where man made beauty meets the natural beauty. As this monastery has some ancient dwellings and temples which gets infused in the mountain from the back side. This is indeed a must not miss sight and you should definitely make a visit here to enjoy the splendor and the culture of the place.

Kalpa is a beautiful place having great scenic view. It is located at a height of 2759 m, 260Km away from Shimla. This place got its popularity when Lord Dalhousie visited this place during 19th Century. The Narayan-Nagani temple is must to see of Kalpa. Hu-Bu-Ian-Car Gompa is a popular Buddhist monastery of Kalpa.

Reckong Peo:
Located at a distance of two hundred and thirty five km from the city of shimla is Reckong Peo. It is the districts headquarter. The Kinner Kailash is considered as the mythical home for Lord Shiva. There is one high rock of height 79 feet having resemblance of a Shivalinga. As the hour passes by of the day the Shiva linga start the changing of color.

The place Chango is located 122 km away from Kalpa and is known for the collection of hamlets which are 4 in number in the Pargna Shuwa area on river Spiti's left bank

Chandika Temple of Kothi:
A beautiful Temple of Kothi Region is Chandika Temple Kothi. This temple is dedicated to the local goddess Chandrika. Local people consider goddess Chandrika as one of the powerful goddess whose blessings create magic on people.

Mathi Temple of Chhitkul:
Goddess Mathi is the local Goddess for the people of Chhitkul region. There are 3 temples and the important one among them is believed to have constructed almost 500 years back by local Garhwal people.

Maheshwar Temple of Sungra:
This is another beautiful temple of Kinnaur. Wood panels are present on all sides of the temple and images of the prominent deities of Hindus are curved.

The other important places of visit in Kinnaur are Lippa, Leo, Kothi, Chhitkul, Nichar, Nako, Namgya, Pooh, Rakchham, Chango Temples, Rarang Monastery, Durga Temple, Charang Temple, Brelengi Gompa and Ribba.


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