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Krishnanagar – A City That Nurtures and Promotes Art and Culture
A Peek into History
Krishnanagar is a city located in the Nadia district of West Bengal and serves as the municipal and administrative headquarters of the district. The city got was named after Raja Krishnachandra, who lived in the city and was known to be a great lover of art and culture. Krishnanagar is renowned for being a great centre of literature and culture and has been home to legendary figures such as Bharat Chandra, Dwijendralal Ray and Narayan Sanyal etc.   The city was declared to be a municipal area in 1864.

Places of Tourist Interest
The Krishnanagar Palace: Also famous by the name of the Rajbari, the palace is one of the most popular destinations in the city. It is flooded by large crowds especially for celebrating the various festivals. The Jhulan Mela organized in the months of July and August, and the festival of Holi, also known locally as Dol, which is celebrated in March or April, are amongst the most prominent festivals celebrated in the palace. The Rajbari is also famous for the temple of Goddess Durga, which is situated in the main courtyard, and where the Durga Puja is celebrated with great reverence.

The Roman Catholic Church: This church, located in Krishnanagar, is extremely well-known for its magnificent architecture. It is particularly renowned for the beautiful paintings on canvas and other wooden frescos, displaying different scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, created by Italian artists. There are 27 such paintings in all on display inside the Church. Other notable places in the vicinity of the Church include the Protestant Church, College Bhavan, Public Library and Krishna Nagar Academy.

Ghurni: This section of Krishnanagar, located on the banks of Jalangi, is well known for the production of beautiful clay dolls. These dolls are also popular by the name of Krishnanagar clay dolls. These dolls were publicized by Maharaja Krishnachandra, primarily because he himself liked them very much. The artists here are especially skilled in creating the images of Hindu gods and goddesses which are used for traditional worship all year round. In addition they also make clay models of human figures and other real life objects, which attract numerous tourists to this part of the ancient city.

Navadvipa: Known by the more popular name of Nabadwip, this collection of nine islands is shaped in the form of an eight-petaled flower. Located on the banks of River Bhagirathi, the town is famous as the birthplace of Sri Chaitanya, a 15th century saint and reformer. The temple of Nabadwip is renowned for the golden statue of Sri Chaitanya. In addition to being the main hub of Vaishnav culture, Navadvipa is also renowned for being the headquarters of ISKCON.

Things to Buy In Krishnanagar
Krishnanagar Cay Dolls: These dolls are extremely popular among tourists who buy them mostly as a decorative item for their homes. However they can also be used as gift items or as a memorabilia. The small village of Ghurni is often frequented by visitors to get the artists to make customized clay dolls which they can take back with them.

Sweet Dishes: Krishnanagar, especially the small section of Ranaghat, is quite famous for its different varieties of sweet dishes. Sweets like 'Sarbhaja' and 'Sarpuria' are the hallmark of the talent of the city’s sweet makers. These and other varieties of sweets of really good quality and mouth-watering taste can be obtained from Adar Chandra Das, a renowned sweet shop in the area.

Handloom Items: The city is also well known for its wide range of handloom items. Visitors like to buy a wide range of these items not only for personal use but also to gift them to friends back home. 


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