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Lakhisarai, the town famous for historical backgrounds
An Overview of Lakhisarai
It is the administrative headquarter of the district of Lakhisarai in the Bihar state. It is well linked by rail a rndoads routes. The town has small scale industries like rice mills, sindur, drugs, iron rods and insecticide factories.

History of Lakhisarai
It was a religious and administrative centre when this area was ruled by Pal dynasty. Actually it was town which came out of the Munger district. It was the capital of Pal dynasty. The Chinese traveler Hiuen Shung described this place as it has 10 Buddha mathas and four hundred Buddhist residents. Ten Hindu temples can also be found. The mathas of the Buddhists were on the southern part of the Ganges. The ruler of Pal Bans was Buddhist. The Sen Dynasty ruled for a time in the 11th century. This place is mentioned as the basis of “Mrittika Mudra’’ which is kept at Nalanda. The people say that the Krimila of that period is nowadays Kiul Basti which is situated on the southern side of the station. Krimila was one of the centers of the Buddhist learning. Lord Buddha himself stayed here on Chaliya Mountain for at least three years. He delivered his speeches on the banks of the River Krimikala. Sher Shah Suri ruled this place in the 15th century. Suryagarha saw the Great War between Mughal emperor Humayan and Sher Shah Suri.

Tourist Places of Lakhisarai
There are many tourist spots in Lakhisarai. Some of them are as follows.

Asok Dhaam Mandir: Ashok Dhaam Mandir at Lakhisarai is a temple of Lord Shiva which is an esteemed one among the people of this place. Tourists from different places come to visit this city in huge number. The entire place wears festive look on the Mahashivratri day. There is a huge gathering on the day of Shivaratri. It is believed that whatever you pray on this day your wish is fulfilled. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. The main attraction of the temple is the construction style. It is done upon the mythological structures of the Lord Shiva. The temple has beautiful location with marvelous surroundings.

Shiringi Rishi Aashram: It is the popular attraction of spiritualism situated in Lakhisarai. Devotees from different places are seen to visit this place regularly. The place is devoted to the famous and popular Hindu saint Shingiri. It has ideal scenery with beautiful surroundings. Devotees come in search of serenity and peace. It is situated in the Shiringi Rishi Mountain. The sight of water is a relief and then it is a treat to watch. Boating is also allowed during the normal days which are really hit among the visitors and tourists.

Surya Mandir: It is a temple from Lakhisarai. Many people from this place and outside from several other places came to visit the temple. This temple is well known for its carvings on the interiors and temple walls. It is dedicated to the Sun temple.

Things to Buy in Lakhisarai
There are many things to buy from this place. There are famous shops of sweets and eateries. There are handicrafts and handlooms being sold from this place. It is famous for that. So one can go and buy those.


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